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Theme Park Review: A Day at SeaWorld Orlando

Recently I had the opportunity to visit SeaWorld Orlando. I have always enjoyed SeaWorld and love both the shows and the thrill rides. When we arrived the crowds were low and we had no trouble finding seating for any of the shows. All of the rides had reasonable wait times with the highest being ‘Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins,’ which is no surprise considering it’s the newest ride and the only way to see the penguins.

Pets Ahoy

As we entered to park, the closest theater was the Seaport Theater featuring the ‘Pets Ahoy’ show. This show does not feature any sea animals but has a wide array of well trained dogs, cats, rodents, and even a few picks. As well all of the animals featured in the show are rescues. The show is only about fifteen minutes or so but is fun and comedic. not to mention it is indoors so it also provides a refreshing retreat from the Florida heat. another fun part of this show is that afterwards, you can come to the stage to pet and interact with many of the show animals. This may be fun for any children who love dogs or cats.

Clyde & Seamore’s Sea Lion High

The last time I came to SeaWorld, Clyde & Seamore’s was closed due to them changing the show. It seems Clyde and Seamore have given up their days as pirates and are trying to better their education by getting their GED and going to college. When entering the Sea Lion & Otter Theater, the Stage has been recreated into a high school-esc setting with lots of vibrant colors. The show is comedic, poking fun at highschool stereotypes, while entertaining you with the many new and old tricks performed by Clyde, Seamore, and the many other animals in the show such as the cute little sea otter, Opie. While I do miss the pirates, the show is very good.

Blue Horizons

Of all the shows, the dolphin show has always proved to be my favorite. It’s probably because I’ve always secretly wanted to be a dolphin trainer though.  Even today this still holds true. The dolphin show has a great blend of animal tricks and human acrobatic performances. The show tells the story of a young girl named Marina how can travel magical places as she interacts, plays, and even rides some of the dolphins! Overall the show features a diverse performances and an intriguing story.

One Ocean

A big show with a big message. The Orca show is the largest show at SeaWorld, featuring their largest animals too! Watch as Orcas do flips, wave ‘hello’, interact, and even make a splash! of course while entertaining us, the show also sends a message of the importance of ocean protection and conservation.

Of course Seaworld is know for more than just its shows too! SeaWorld also is home to two of the best roller coasters in Orlando. Since opening, Kraken has been named one of the best coasters in the world. Featuring the first floorless coaster concept. This coaster is fast and fun! Kraken also has always been my favorite roller coaster ever! The second coaster is Manta. Once strapped into Manta, you are rotated onto your stomach! the ride then loops you and turns you through its track until you are turned upright at the end of the ride! Another exciting ride there is Journey to Atlantis! This ride combines the concepts of a flume ride with a roller coaster. Hop into your boat and take a journey through the heart of Atlantis, but beware for what else may be lurking there. Of course, work on SeaWorld’s new ride, Mako, A high speed hypercoaster could also be observed in the back of the park.

Along with thrill rides, SeaWorld also features many attractions that even the less timid can enjoy. Turtle Trek takes you on a 360 degree view of the life of a sea turtle hatchling. from inside the egg, to all over the vast ocean, you get a first hand view of the life of a baby sea turtle. At the end of this show you also get to view the rescued sea turtles and manatees! If seeing the animals is what you enjoy, you should also Shark Encounter. In this attraction, you go underwater through a glass dome to observe many species of sharks.

During the Day we ate at two different locations. The first being the popular Voyager’s Smokehouse. The food was delicious and the theme was also very good. unfortunately the restaurant seemed to majorly lacked in vegetarian/vegan options. The second place we ate was Mango Joe’s because they offered a Vegetarian black bean burger. The restaurant was a standard quick service style. really no notable theme but the outside eating area was nice. The food was okay but the buns had a weird taste.

Overall we had a joyous day at SeaWorld! I Enjoy this park, but it is not somewhere I feel I need to visit more than once a year. I absolutely love all the shows. I also find their thrill rides , such as Kraken, to be some of the best. this SeaWorld had a lot of fun dimensions to it that will ensure to entertain those of all ages!

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