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Our mission is to provide locals & visitors with news, info, and tips about the entertainment industry in Southern California and nearby destinations.

Socalthrills.com launched in 2006 and started reporting on theme parks in Southern California. Since then, we have expanded to include all Theme Parks, movies, DVDs, Performing Arts, Travel, and Food & Wine.


Socalthrills.com is an online platform dedicated to exploring and showcasing the vibrant and diverse entertainment, travel, and lifestyle scene. As a comprehensive source of information, Socalthrills.com covers a wide array of topics, including theme parks, events, video games, dining, attractions, and local experiences. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, the platform offers insights into the latest happenings, reviews, and recommendations to make the most out of your adventures. With a focus on capturing the spirit and excitement of the region, Socalthrills.com serves as a valuable guide for those seeking to discover the best entertainment and leisure offerings.

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Robbie Bulus

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Maverick Bohn
Jeanine Yamanaka
Greg Aragon
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Russell Tom

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Craig Lezcano
Blair Lezcano
Chris Mansker
Diego Crespo
Danny Shutler
Joel Covey
Lake Sprenkle
Shaun Beckerman
Jay Washington
Nico Schmelter
Jeremy Marshall
Brett Reider
Ken Stears
Enrique Rodriguez
Loretta Garcia
Bob Garcia
Patrick O’Connor

Video Editor/IG Influencer:
Maverick Bohn

Maverick Bohn
Russell Tom
Logan Collins

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