Alfonso Cuaron Passes on Harry Potter Spin-Off, May Direct 'The Shining' Prequel

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Well, this is certainly disappointing. Last week, we reported that Alfonso Cuaron was in negotiations with Warner Bros. Pictures to direct Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the first film in a new trilogy set in the Harry Potter universe. Unfortunately though, sometimes things just aren’t meant to be, and according to Cuaron, he won’t be directing the much anticpated film.

Cuaron addressed the rumor with Spanish news agency named EFE, which Digital Spy reported. Cuaron had this to say:

[Directing Prisoner of Azkaban] was a very beautiful experience for me. I have a lot of love for that universe and I tremendously admire JK Rowling, but today, for the present, projects based around lots of visual effects don’t attract me. I’m coming out of a five-year process of doing visual effects and now I sort of want to clean my palate of that a little bit.

It’s definitely understandable why Cuaron may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the way heavy effects work his last few films has had, and it’s hard to blame him from wanting to take a step back from it. Which makes the new rumor that he’s currently circling the prequel to the Stanley Kubrick film, The Shining, all the more interesting. The film, currently titled The Overlook Hotel, is currently being worked on at Warner Bros., and it’s just the kind of film that Cuaron may want to tackle. It wouldn’t necessarily be effects heavy, and could easily be looked at as a way for him to clean his palate, and doing something new.

For now though, the hunt is still on for a director for Fantastic Beasts, which is scheduled for release November 18, 2016. Except news soon, as the film will need to be ramping up its production sooner rather than later.

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