All New Episodes of “Bluey” Coming to Disney+ on Jan 12


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Ten all-new episodes of the hit series Bluey will launch on January 12, 2024, in the U.S. and around the world on Disney+.

The year’s #1 most-watched series for preschoolers and kids in the U.S. — which has also topped Nielsen streaming charts for overall viewing** — Bluey features the loveable and inexhaustible Blue Heeler dog Bluey, who lives with her Mum, Dad, and little sister Bingo.

In these ten new Disney+ episodes, Bluey showcases the joyful simplicity that can be found in families turning everyday events of family life — like making a cubby house (blanket fort) or a trip to the beach — into unique adventures that bring to life how children learn and grow through play.


The episodes include:

“Cubby” – Bluey and Bingo build a special cubby for their stuffed toy, Kimjim.

“Exercise” – Bingo pretends to be Boss Bluey’s new employee during Dad’s backyard workout.

“Relax” – Bluey and Bingo would rather explore their holiday hotel room than relax on the beach.

“Stickbird” – On a trip to the beach, Mum teaches Bluey how to throw, while Bingo and Dad get creative with a funny-shaped stick.

“Show and Tell” – Bluey wants to know why Dad’s always bossing her around!

“Dragon” – Bluey asks Dad to help her draw a dragon for her story.

“Wild Girls” – Coco wants to play Wild Girls with Indy, but Chloe wants her to play another game.

“TV Shop” – At the pharmacy, Bluey and Bingo have fun playing with the CCTV screens.

“Slide” – Bingo and Lila are excited to play on their new waterslide.

“Cricket” – During a friendly game of neighborhood cricket, the dads struggle to bowl Rusty out.


Following its January Disney+ premiere, the new episodes will air on Disney Channel and Disney Junior in territories around the world later in 2024.

Also later in 2024, Disney+ fans will have even more new Bluey to look forward to, when the previously announced first-ever Bluey special, “The Sign,” will premiere on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) in Australia and globally on Disney+. The 28-minute special is penned by Bluey creator and writer Joe Brumm and directed by Richard Jeffery from Ludo Studio.

Jointly commissioned by ABC Children’s and BBC Studios Kids & Family, Bluey is created and written by Joe Brumm and produced by multi-Emmy Award-winning Ludo Studio in association with Screen Queensland and Screen Australia. The series streams to U.S. and global audiences (outside of Australia, New Zealand and China) across Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney+ through a global broadcasting deal between BBC Studios Kids & Family and Disney Branded Television.


Bluey has garnered awards wins including the International Kids Emmy Awards, a Critics Choice Award nomination, the Television Critics Association Award, BAFTA Children & Young People Awards, and many more.