AMC Theaters Debuts Exclusive Stubs A-List Subscription Service

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AMC Theaters is providing a new twist in the movie game, revealing a new premium subscription service and loyalty program called AMC Stubs A-List. This move is a direct response to popular services, such as MoviePass, which allows movie fans the chance to see films for a monthly fee rather than an individual ticket purchase. AMC’s program will up the ante, providing direct to consumer options to keep up with the shifting tide in movie viewing.

The program will offer guests the opportunity to view movies up to 3 times per week, including multiple movies per day, repeat visits to already seen films, and compatibility for all pre-existing AMC Stubs members. The new service will cost $19.95 a month plus tax.

The service can be used at all AMC locations, including AMC Dine In as well as AMC Classic throughout the US. This will also include all premium offerings such as IMAX, Dolby Cinema, RealD 3D, Prime, and BigD. This is done to create flexibility and to avoid restrictions in using the service.

All AMC Stubs A-List members can book tickets online in advance, similar to their existing programs, which include waived fees, priority lines for food and beverage, special discounts at concessions, as well as reserved seating. The new service is timed to sync with traditional opening weekends, but there is no carry over if users see less than 3 films a week. Advance reservations can be held for a maximum of 3 movies at any one time in the current or for future weeks.

For all current existing AMC Stubs Premiere members, the $15 annual fee will also be waived when transitioning to the new A-List service. The service will also be based through the AMC App, which will remove waiting periods and credit checks that standard services currently use.

“We believe that our current and future loyal guests will be interested in this type of program, as AMC Stubs A-List rewards guests with something that no one else offers: the very best of AMC, including IMAX, Dolby Cinema and RealD 3D up to 3 times per week, for one simple, sustainable price,” said Adam Aron, CEO and President, AMC Theatres.

Aron added, “Since its inception in 2011, AMC Stubs has continued to evolve to meet the needs of its customers, as it did in 2016 when we introduced the free tier, AMC Stubs Insider. AMC Stubs A-List is AMC’s next evolution of delivering amazing benefits to our loyal customers, and we’re excited to continue to grow the program by leaps and bounds.”

Starting on Tuesday, June 26, AMC Stubs A-List members can enroll online for $19.95 a month (plus tax) and can begin using their benefits immediately.

More information about AMC Stubs A-List can be found at

*Fathom Events shows, special fan events and some Indian Cinema titles may not be included*

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