App Review 'Disney Build It: Frozen'

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Disney Build It: Frozen; the latest mobile gaming app let’s kids build their very own versions of Arendelle, from the award-winning Walt Disney Animation Studios’ motion picture “Frozen”, in the form of snow globes. (see trailer below)

The game is a simple sandbox style game suitable for all ages. Buildings are built and customized instantly, since there is no waiting for buildings to be built as well as no energy system implemented it is easy to become occupied for hours while creating your snow globe.


In total there are five areas that players are able to build in, the game starts out with Elsa and her location of the North Mountain. Other unlockable locations through extra in-app purchase include Troll Valley, the Forest, Arendelle Town, and Arendelle Castle.


Each location also unlocks characters which roam around the snow globe and occasionally trigger mini-quests in which the character will ask for a building and for it to be customized a certain way. When a mini-quest is completed, adorable Snowgies spawn and become the population for your snow globe.

In addition to Snowgies, completing buildings and quests will also spawn snowflakes which become various items to accent the snow globe; such as puddles, snowmen, and trees.

App features include:

  • Build in five locations from the film: the North Mountain, the Forest, Troll Valley, Arendelle Castle and the town of Arendelle.
  • Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff will play, dance, ride and even celebrate along with players.
  • Customize buildings with different colors, roofs, chimneys and more to unlock magical snowflakes.
  • Make snow globes special by adding lakes, mountains, rocks, trees, puddles and snowmen.
  • Go on mini-missions to build favorite Frozen characters’ palaces, castles, towers, amphitheaters and more.
  • Unlock Snowgie and Marshmallow surprises.
  • Build a collection of snow globe creations—and then shake them up to see an Arendelle snowfall.

After building their world, players can tap the camera to take a flying tour over their creation. Players who have an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus can use 3D Touch to activate flythrough mode or Quick Actions to instantaneously jump into a specific snow globe.


Disney Build It: Frozen is available for download for $3.99 on the Apple App Store (, Google Play ( and for $4.99 on the Amazon Appstore ( Additional packs with new buildings, characters and props can be purchased for $1.99.