A Blue Night: Blue Man Group is in TOWN!!!

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Stage is dark. Three silhouettes from behind a screen emerge. Pounding on drums followed by colored water is flying everywhere. No voices, just rhythmic beats. This is Blue Man Group.

It has been some time since last I have seen these eclectic three other-worldly figures pounded their way into my heart. They are the premier artistic percussion acting troupe. The mix of comedy, drama, music, art and theatrics bring a range of ah inspiring moments.

The brain child of Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton, Blue Man Group is performing all over the world with permanent residences in New York, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, Orlando and International. This North American Tour is just one of the latest incarnations of the trio’s repertoire. A combination of the house shows around the country and special segments created just or this tour, BMG just keeps raising the bar.

As a performer, both musical and theatrical, it is always refreshing and exhilarating to watch artist’s engulf the audience in so quickly that you forget time completely and before you know it the show is done and you want more. In just under two hours the trio of blue faced men forgets about including an intermission because they know you will not want one. It is constant stimulation of the senses as music and theater collide.

From the audience you see a stage that is a techno junkies dream. With life-size screens that float through the air to the structure holding the musicians, it is a simple design with a purpose, to entertain. Every aspect of the stage is used throughout the show with projections emphasizing the Blue Men. My personal favorite piece would be the oversized “iPad” that the trio plays with showcasing their satire of current events.

It is the trio’s character of such childlike qualities throughout the show that truly is unique. As they venture out into the auditorium at one point to explore, they all know where each is and share what they’re seeing with one another. It is just one of the many audience participation pieces that happen during the show. Although I will give you one warning, “DON’T BE LATE!” If you are hope they do not see you, enough said.

It is tough for me to truly write this review as their performance comes across as a work in progress that is dependent on the audience buying into and helping create the music and energy, something that many shows I have seen, both large scale and small, forget to do. To really appreciate them you must see them for I could go on for days, weeks, months years expressing every detail I thoroughly loved about watching them. So just go see them and see for yourself what it is to be Blue.

That is what I think draws me to this group so much. As you know I always give my personal insight to a show in my reviews. This one is no different. This show really is an insightful show of three Blue Men who look at the world like a child does, with eyes wide open and not afraid. They remind us to try anything, everything at least once and not forget to keep discovering. It is through these discoveries that we find what we enjoy most, life. Having fun while life happens is what we as adults sometimes forget to do. We focus and worry about work, kids, money, and everything else and forget to relax and live life. That is what this group does very well; live while having fun, something we should all take to heart. Live life to its fullest.

See the Blue Man Group at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts now thru November 20th, 2011.

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