Celebrate Earth Day with Babble and Join the Twitter Chat!

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This Earth Day, even the littlest green thumbs can join in on the celebration! From exploring the outdoors to starting a garden, there are so many ways parents can show kids how to appreciate and care for our planet. But it all starts with you. To help make Earth Day a family affair, parenting platform Babble.com is hosting a Twitter chat with celebrated scientist and mom, Stephanie Wear, on April 22 at 2pm EST / 11am PST .


Stephanie is a lead scientist for coral reef conservation at The Nature Conservancy, the world’s largest environmental organization. She also happened to be named one of Babble’s “Moms Who are Changing the World” in 2011. When she isn’t saving the world, this supermom of two enjoys exploring coastal North Carolina with her family. And her family is the reason why she loves what she does.

“I don’t work to protect the environment for the environment’s sake,” Stephanie told Babble in 2011. “I work to protect it for the billions of people that require clean air, clean water, and a healthy ocean to survive. It sounds cliché, but I do it for my children and their children, too.”

This is why Earth Day is so important and worth celebrating: it’s not just for us — it’s for the future generations of the world.

So join our Twitter chat with Wear this Earth Day, April 22, at 2pm EST / 11am PST to be part of the conversation! Just follow @BabbleEditors to send your questions and thoughts on all things nature using the hashtag #BabbleEarthChat.

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