Cobra’s Curse Coming to Busch Gardens

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Busch Gardens Tampa has announced the opening of a new coaster coming in 2016. “Cobra’s Curse” will put a spin on family thrill rides. The spin coaster will be one of a kind, taking riders on vertical lifts and dizzying adventures all at once. On Cobras Curse, located in the Egypt area of the park, explorers will come face-to-face with an 80-foot snake icon, trek over the park’s Serengeti Plain® and discover the mysteries of an Egyptian archaeological excavation.

“This isn’t your ordinary spin coaster. In true Busch Gardens style, we’re putting a twist on this attraction and taking riders on an unforgettable and exciting journey,” said Busch Gardens Park President Jim Dean. “The addition of a family spin coaster complements the selection of thrill rides Busch Gardens offers, and we know it’s an attraction that guests from across the globe will enjoy,” Dean added. “We continue to find new and exciting ways to offer thrills for the entire family, and we know Cobra’s Curse will even further solidify Busch Gardens as Florida’s Thrill Leader.”

Cobra’s Curse will appeal to both the thrill seeker and the family group alike. With a new and diverse ride concept, the spin coaster will truly offer a one-of-a-kind experience to its riders. Want a look at what to expect? Check out this video!

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