Universal Studios Tram Tour Returns to "Courthouse Square"

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Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour trips around the famous “Courthouse Square” have returned after over a year of repairs. This historic film set was damaged after the devastating 4-acre fire that destroyed several major film locations and the King Kong section of the tour. The Courthouse Square section has been fully restored first with the rest expected to be finished by spring of next year. King Kong will return in 2010 with all new technology in a brand new facility being built in a different nearby location.

Courthouse Square is the world’s most-photographed town square as it is the site of a thousand movie and TV productions since the 1940’s. The area is best known as the main square from “Back to the Future” trilogy and is currently used for CBS’s hit series the Ghost Whisperer.

The sets are more detailed than before and have grown larger in order to create a more true representation of a town or city. Along with the revamped sets are newly refurbished trams that now feature flat screen TVs and state-of-the-art audio systems. There is still a lot to be completed at the sets in surrounding areas, but it is great to see Courthouse Square back in all its glory.

Take a look at the champagne christening, the USC Marching Band and restored area in our PHOTO GALLERY here.

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