Disney Enchanted Tales Now Available For Mobile Devices


Disney just announced that Disney Enchanted Tales, a new kingdom-building game, is now available for mobile devices. In the game, players will create their own custom kingdoms using familiar landmarks and buildings from “Beauty and The Beast,” “Frozen” and “Tangled,” and interact with beloved Disney characters including Belle, Gaston, Anna, Prince Hans, Rapunzel, Flynn Rider and many more.

Disney Enchanted Tales lets players expand and build out their kingdoms by completing tasks and quests in order to earn new iconic landmarks, such as Belle’s Bookstore, The Beast’s Castle, Elsa’s Ice Palace, Rapunzel’s Tower and more. New characters, outfits and memorable story moments from additional cherished Disney classic tales will be unlocked as players complete story-based missions.

Disney Enchanted Tales is free-to-play with in-app purchases and available now for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Future updates will introduce more characters, landmarks and items on a regular basis.

Robbie Bulus
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