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Disney Infinity 2.0 with Marvel Super Heroes Out this Fall! Meet the Characters.

Disney Infinity just got super powered! In Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) conquer a game universe where you have the freedom and endless opportunity to create stories and action adventures featuring the all-new Marvel Super Heroes. The Video Game Starter Pack now features a newly enhanced Toy Box, Marvel’s The Avengers Play Set, and Toy Box Game Discs! If you missed the Announcement event, watch the video above (be patient this is an hour video).

Disney Interactive brought in Brian Michael Bendis, longtime Marvel Comics artist and writer, to write the story for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes and to ensure that the game has the look, feel and “taste” of Marvel’s heroes and villains.

Play sets in the 2.0 Edition of the game will be much larger than those in the original version of the game. Marvel’s version of Manhattan, for example, is four times larger than the size of the Incredibles play set from the original Disney Infinity. “We needed to make the world a lot larger,” Blackburn said, “because our characters can fly.”

Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition and Marvel Super Heroes will launch with a new starter pack, which includes an Avengers-themed play set, two power discs and three characters: Thor, Black Widow and Iron Man.

The platforms for Disney Infinity 2.0, is coming to iOS, PC, PlayStation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360. The game will also be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on “day one,” Disney confirmed.

Check-out the new Disney Infinity Marvel Characters. Disney also mentioned that more characters is coming and to stay tuned.

Robbie Bulus
Robbie Bulus
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