'Disney Infinity 2.0' Travels To Agrabah With The Debut of Princess Jasmine

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Together At Last – Jasmine Joins Aladdin in Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition)

Princess Jasmine now joins her one true love Aladdin to create a whole new world in Disney Infinity Toy Box 2.0.

From within the walls of the Sultan’s palace in Agrabah, Princess Jasmine leaps into acrobatic action and combats her way into Toy Box 2.0. With the help of a magic carpet, Jasmine can summon desert winds to keep enemies at bay. Jasmine will be joining a variety of Disney fan favorites, including the popular Marvel Super Heroes, and hundreds of themed items, locations, props, vehicles and more to create all-new adventures born from the imagination of players.

Fans can purchase Jasmine individually for $13.99 or in the Aladdin Toy Box Pack for $29.99.

The Aladdin Toy Box Pack includes:

  • (1) Jasmine Disney Infinity figure
  • (1) Aladdin Disney Infinity figure
  • (2) Aladdin-themed Power Discs – “Jasmine’s Palace View” and “The Sands of Agrabah”

Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) is rated E-10+ by the ESRB. Additional characters will be hitting North American stores in the coming months.

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