Disney Interactive Reveals Details About New Toy Box Features in Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition

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With the second annual Toy Box Summit kicking off yesterday in Anaheim, CA, Disney Interactive announced details of the new Toy Box features in Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition. Available in stores in North America on August 30, the latest addition to the franchise features a brand new Toy Box Hub, where players can learn about different types of gameplay styles available inside the Toy Box, plus new community elements designed to further engage and connect Disney Infinity fans around the world.

All figures and Power Discs from the first two games will be compatible in the enhanced Toy Box 3.0 and allows players to mix and match characters from across The Walt Disney Company like never before.

A sampling of new Toy Box features, tools and toys include:


  • Toy Box Hub: The Toy Box Hub is an all-new launch area where players’ creativity and imagination take flight. This is where every adventure begins and where players come to play their way. Uncover six gameplay zones – platforming, combat, racing, INteriors, community, and farming – to learn about building and experience playing in the Toy Box all at the same time.
  • Flynn’s Arcade: For the competitive Toy Box player, Flynn’s Arcade offers multiplayer with other Disney Infinity 3.0 players any time they want. Using a “lobby style” multiplayer system, fans can now play with anyone online without having to wait for their friends to be online.
  • El Capitan: View episodes of Toy Box TV, preview and download the latest and greatest community made Toy Boxes or just hang out in the lobby of this landmark theater. When players are connected online and walk in the theater, they have easy access to lots of new Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition content.
  • Sidekicks: Recruit Townspeople Sidekicks to support in combat, unlock exploration modes to help build in the Toy Box, and cultivate crops. Give Townspeople Sidekicks different jobs with customized gear or make them more powerful by boosting their stats with the food and treats they grow.
  • Farming: Feed, clothe, and nurture Townspeople Sidekicks, and guide them to plant, care for and harvest crops to eat. The more players feed them, the higher their stats will go, and the more fun they can have — including throwing fun parties in three new party rooms and a Sidekick Suite.


  • Path Creator: Create custom, controllable paths in the Toy Box that other toys, objects, friends, enemies and more can travel along. This toy can also be used to create races, side-scrolling games, rail slides and more.
  • Toy Dispenser: Step on one of the four colored buttons, each with a different type of toy, and the Toy Dispenser will give a toy to play with. This new feature now allows players to instantly access toys instead of having to unlock them through gameplay.
  • Music Note Creator: Players can make their own music by using instruments and toys to play various notes.


  • Main Street USA Storefronts and buildings: These new pieces give Toy Boxes the official look of Main Street USA with familiar elements such as Main Street Lighting and Turnstyles.
  • Elsa’s Ice Palace: Place Queen Elsa’s Ice Castle on the North Mountain in a Toy Box to create a Frozen themed adventure (unlockable in the Toy Box Speedway Expansion Game).
  • Marshmallow: Players can now add this new toy to their Toy Box, the fearsome guardian of Elsa’s palace from the movie Frozen (unlockable in the Toy Box Speedway Expansion Game).
  • Radio Disney Player (North America Only): Players will enjoy a livestream of all the Radio Disney hits when they connect online and place this toy in their Toy Box.
  • New vehicles: Check out other new popular vehicles such as Mad Hatter’s Teacup, Splash Mountain log, TRON Light Cycle, and more.

Rated E10+ by the ESRB, the Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Starter Pack will be available in North America on August 30, 2015 for $64.99 and includes the Star Wars™ Twilight of the Republic Play Set, the Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Base, Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker character figures, and a web code card that unlocks content for PC and mobile devices.

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