Disney Just Made a Streaming Power Move: Hulu Officially Arrives on Disney+

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Get ready, streaming fans, because the landscape just shifted. Disney has officially brought Hulu into the fold, merging the two services for Disney Bundle subscribers. This means if you love the family-friendly magic of Disney+ and the edgy originals and vast library of Hulu, you now have everything under one roof.

Let’s be clear – this isn’t some half-hearted integration. Disney’s playing for keeps. The full Hulu experience is now embedded within Disney+: recommendations, collections, and seamless browsing will make you forget you ever had to switch apps. Think of it less like a merger and more like an all-you-can-eat entertainment buffet where Mickey Mouse is hanging out with Meredith Grey and the stars of The Bear.

“The collective power of Disney+ and Hulu – outstanding originals from the most powerful brands and studios in the industry, libraries filled with decades of iconic favorites, and industry-leading advertising and technological capabilities – is transformative,” said Joe Earley, President of Direct-to-Consumer, Disney Entertainment. “Today’s official launch of Hulu on Disney+ gives viewers even more opportunities to easily discover and enjoy thousands of titles all in one place, underscoring the extraordinary value of the Disney Bundle.”

Is It Worth It? Absolutely.

If you’re already a Bundle subscriber, this is a no-brainer upgrade. Hulu’s critically acclaimed shows like Only Murders in the Building and Poor Things are a great counterpoint to Disney’s heartwarming content.

But even if you only have Disney+, there’s a strong case for adding Hulu:

  • Expanded Library: Thousands of additional movies and TV shows open up, significantly boosting the value of your subscription.
  • Easy Upgrade: The cost difference is minimal – just $2/month!
  • Personalized Picks: Disney’s recommendation engine just got a whole lot smarter, suggesting titles across the combined libraries.


The massive marketing push behind this launch tells the story – billboards, custom spots, and even events at Disney parks. This isn’t just about convenience; Disney’s signaling that Hulu content now holds equal weight within their streaming empire. Even the Disney+ branding got a makeover, with Hulu’s signature green now a prominent part of the color scheme.

Aaron LaBerge, President & CTO, Disney Entertainment & ESPN added, “This marks the most significant technical, operational, and product evolution for Disney+ since its launch – one that reflects a wider technology transformation that we have been undertaking. That work is going to drive an enhanced, more engaging user experience with Disney+ and lays the foundation for the innovations and enhancements we are planning for the future.”

For streaming fans, the choice has become much tougher for competitors like Netflix and HBO Max. Disney+ and Hulu were already a great bundle. Now, they’re practically unbeatable if you want a mix of feel-good entertainment and mature, thought-provoking shows and movies. This is how you build a streaming superpower, and Disney just flexed its muscles in a major way.

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