Disney Wins Big Golden Trailer Award

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disneyarwardIt was a big night for The Walt Disney Studios at the 14th Annual Golden Trailer Awards in Beverly Hills. The preview for “Iron Man 3” took two awards, BEST SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER and the top prize, BEST IN SHOW. The “Wreck It Ralph” trailer nabbed BEST ANIMATION/FAMILY, “Monsters University” had the MOST ORIGINAL TRAILER, and as a capper, Disney studio marketers were given the first-ever TOP OF THE BOX OFFICE award for their campaign on 2012’s “Marvel’s The Avengers.” The studio got two additional offstage nods for BEST ANIMATION/FAMILY TV SPOT on “Monsters University” and MOST ORIGINAL SPOT for “Brave.”

Between volleys of jokes by headliner ROB SCHNEIDER and host AISHA TYLER, 18 of 67 total awards were handed out. JUSTIN CHON of the “Twilight” movies presented, as did LAKE BELL, writer, director and star of “In A World…,” a critically acclaimed new comedy which has its dramatic climax at a Golden Trailer Awards ceremony.

Among other kudos, the “Skyfall” promo took BEST ACTION, and BEST DOCUMENTARY went to the “Brooklyn Castle” trailer, and BEST VIDEO GAME went to the “Tomb Raider” preview. The 18 show awards are listed below. The full list, which includes the best of the year in TV Spots, posters, foreign trailers, festival trailers and more, can be found at http://goldentrailer.com

The heroes of the GTA show are trailer cutters— the people whose artistry has turned movie ads into wildly popular entertainment, generating over 5 billion streams a year. Stand-out agencies at last night’s event were Trailer Park, for the “Iron Man 3” and “Monsters University” trailers, and Buddha Jones, which won trophies for BEST INDEPENDENT TRAILER for “Silver Linings Playbook,” BEST HORROR for “Mama,” and the coveted GOLDEN FLEECE AWARD—best trailer for a bad movie—for “Hit and Run.”

Evelyn Brady-Watters reflected, “It’s great when trailers for small dramas or docs win BEST IN SHOW, but this year, the blockbusters really show off the economic power of a great, creative trailer. The ‘Iron Man 3’ preview is a world-wide phenomenon, and last year’s two-time nominee for “Marvel’s The Avengers” anchored a campaign that earned $1.5 billion and our new TOP OF THE BOX OFFICE award.”

Monica Brady, Executive Producer of the GTA, added “This year we’re seeing such well crafted material, with great sound design. At the theater the other night, the audience was actually clapping for the trailers – they’re really gearing people up for this summer season.”

The jury for the 14th Annual Golden Trailer Awards comprised: Bill Block, Producer and CEO of QED International (“District 9”); Brian Cavanaugh-Jones, Producer/President, Automatik Entertainment (“Safe”); Daniel Diamond, President of QED International (“You Got Served”); Andrew Dunn, Cinematographer (“The Perks of Being a Wallflower”); Drew Goddard, Writer/Director (“Cabin in the Woods”); Angelique Higgins, Producer and Partner in Launchpad Productions; Andrew Panay, Producer and CEO of Panay Films (“Hit and Run”); David Paterson, Producer (“Bridge to Terabithia”); Nicholas Stoller, Writer/Director (“5 Year Engagement”); and Lee David Zlotoff, Writer/Producer (“MacGyver”).