Disneyland Celebrates 50th Annual Cast Canoe Races

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Since 1963, Disneyland Resort Cast Members have been waking up early before the crack of dawn to participate in a fun competition, the annual Cast Canoe Races. This race takes teams around the Rivers of America which is 1,410 feet long. They compete for the best time, and the record to beat is 3:55:50 which was set in 1974.

Check-out this short Sizzle Video of the Finals:

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Canoe Races, on Wednesday August 7, Cast Members from around the Resort, as well as the Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering, were ready to race in the overall finals. And for the first time ever, Family and friends were invited to the early morning competition to come watch and cheer on their favorite teams.


Before we mention the overall winners during the finals, Here are the teams that won the Sprint Finals on Tuesday August 6 (Competition between the 5th – 8th place teams in each division):

  • Men’s Winners: DCA GC
  • Women’s Winners: Mouse-Ka-Noers Women
  • Coed Winners: Let it Row

Here are the winners for the overall finals and their race times:

Men’s Division

  • 1st – OAR lords (3:57.45)
  • 2nd – DC Anchormen (4:02.84)
  • 3rd – Crush (4:19.04)
  • 4th – Mouse-Ka-Noers Men (4:19.85)

Women’s Division

  • 1st – DC Anchorladies (4:26.29)
  • 2nd – Trouble from Paradise (4:32.42)
  • 3rd – Two Bit Oars (4:43.06)
  • 4th – SynOARgy (4:47.17)

Coed Division

  • 1st – United (4:12.67)
  • 2nd – Pier Pressure (4:31.36)
  • 3rd – NOCC-CT UP (4:39.89)
  • 4th – Mouse-Ka-Noers Coed 1(4:45.76)

The Canoe Races, is an event organized by Cast Activities and is available to Cast Members to help promote personal health and wellness.