Disneyland Magic Keys Back on Sale March 5 – How to Buy

Magic Keys

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Magic Key passes at the Disneyland Resort go back on sale 3/5/24! The online queue opens no earlier than 8:45 a.m. PST, and sales begin no earlier than 9 a.m. PST. Before it begins, make sure you’re ready for the sale by reviewing the Magic Key Buying Guide here.

Before Making Your Magic Key Purchase

Review Magic Key Details
Each Magic Key pass type has different benefits, including blockout dates and park reservation availability. For each Magic Key pass type that you are considering:

  • Learn more about the Magic Key program, including Magic Key pass types, benefits and important details.
  • Check the Magic Key calendar to review blockout dates and current reservation availability.
  • Please note that Magic Key park reservation availability changes frequently. After you view the Magic Key Calendar, available dates may be unavailable. Magic Key park reservations are not guaranteed for any specific date or park, no matter the pass type.

Create a Disney Account

  • You’ll need a Disney account to purchase a Magic Key pass online. If you don’t have one, create a Disney account here.
  • If you’re a California resident, your stored Disney account address must be a California address to view any monthly payment options for available Magic Key passes when they are on sale.
  • If you already have a Disney account, make sure your contact information is current.

Confirm Your Disney Account Payment Method

  • You may want to add and save a preferred credit card in your Disney account. Enter your card details manually instead of relying on auto-populated details that may be incorrect. If you’re a California resident, make sure the credit card has a California billing address to use for monthly payments.
  • A maximum of $1000 from a Disney Gift Card can also be used as a method of payment online when you pay in full for a new Magic Key pass. Only one Disney Gift Card can be used per transaction, so if you have multiple gift cards, combine them in advance. Disney Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase renewals at this time.

Prepare Required Party Information
Each Magic Key pass must be assigned to an individual at the time of purchase (maximum of 10 passes). Passes may not be reassigned after purchase. You will need to provide the following information for each person in your party:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Phone number (Guests 18 years of age and older)
  • Email (Guests 18 years of age and older)

The provided email address may be used to communicate program updates and important information about the pass.

Ticket Upgrades
Eligible Disneyland Resort theme park tickets may be upgraded to an available Magic Key pass while passes are available for sale, subject to restrictions. Learn more about ticket upgrades. Upgrades may not be available from time to time or at any given time.

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Pass Upgrades
A current Magic Key pass may be upgraded to an available higher pass type for the remainder of its pass year. The difference in purchase price between the 2 passes must be paid in full at the time of upgrade. The expiration date of the Magic Key pass will not change. Passes may be upgraded at the Disneyland Resort ticket booth only, while passes are available for sale. Please note that you might encounter a wait at the ticket booth.

Magic Key

Making a Purchase on March 5, 2024 – The Day Magic Key Passes Go on Sale

Sign In
Sign in to your Disney account before visiting the Magic Key sales page.

  • If you were previously signed in to your Disney account, it may help to sign out and then sign in again before attempting to purchase.
  • California residents, be sure to sign in to your Disney account and make sure your California address is included in your account profile. Then, you’ll be able to view monthly payment options prior to adding a Magic Key pass to the cart.

Enter the Waiting Room to Purchase on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, No Earlier Than 8:45 AM Pacific Time

  • Enter the waiting room to purchase a Magic Key pass via the “Purchase Magic Key Passes” link on the Magic Key page.
  • When you arrive in the waiting room for the sale, no earlier than 8:45 AM Pacific Time, you will be automatically added to the queue. Sales will begin no earlier than 9:00 AM Pacific Time.
  • The quantity of passes and pass types available for upgrade or purchase may be limited or unavailable from time to time or at any given time.
  • Estimated wait times may fluctuate throughout the sales event. You will see an estimated wait time in the waiting room. The time will update in minute increments when your wait is less than one hour.
  • Upon entering the queue, make sure to review the status messages. They’ll inform you about potential limited availability or sellouts, based on your entry time.
  • Entry to the waiting room does not guarantee the opportunity to purchase a pass.

Keep Your Waiting Room Browser Tab Open (if you haven’t signed up to be notified by email when it’s your turn)
Running multiple browser tabs or manually refreshing the page may remove you from the queue. If you’re removed, you will have to re-enter the queue at the back of the line.

Monthly Payment Option
Once you’re on the purchase page, Guests signed in with a valid California address should be able to view monthly payment options. If you do not see this option:

  • Make sure to sign in before you select your pass type.
  • Once signed in, you’ll automatically return to the pass listing page and monthly payment options should be visible if you have a valid California address. If you do not see this option, you may need to sign in again.

You Can Be Notified by Email When It’s Your Turn for an Opportunity to Purchase (Optional)
If you choose to submit your email address and opt in to being notified by email when it’s your turn, you’ll receive 2 separate emails containing a unique link. Be sure to confirm the receipt of the first email before closing your browser window. If you don’t receive that first email, check your spam folder for it. If you still don’t see it, re-enter your email address again from the waiting room page.

  • First email – Selecting the link in the first email will allow you to check your place in the queue until it’s your turn. You can use the link multiple times to check your status in the queue before it’s your turn.
  • Second email – You’ll receive a second email notifying you that your turn for an opportunity to purchase a Magic Key pass is approaching.

From the time your turn begins, you’ll have 10 minutes to use the link to return to the site or you’ll lose your place in line and will need to rejoin the queue. When it’s your turn, you’ll only be able to use your unique link once. The link will no longer work after you use it, whether you purchase a pass or not. So, please be prepared to select your Magic Key pass and check out once you open the link. If you miss your turn, you’ll need to rejoin the queue.

Please note: Magic Key pass availability is limited. Opting in to be notified by email when it’s your turn does not guarantee the opportunity to purchase a pass.

Passes Are Nonrefundable and Nontransferable
Choose carefully as passes are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Don’t have multiple people in your party purchasing passes.

After Making Your Purchase

How to Make a Reservation for Your First Visit
Visit park reservations to select the date and theme park that you wish to visit from the available Magic Key theme park reservations.

Theme park reservations are limited in number and subject to the availability of applicable park reservation allocations, applicable blockout dates, and theme park capacity; and are not guaranteed for any specific dates or park, no matter the ticket or pass type. Availability can change until a reservation is finalized.

Guests with park admission that includes the Park Hopper benefit may choose, pending availability, which theme park to start their day at—and may cross over and switch between parks on the same day beginning at 11:00 AM (subject to availability).

Please check the Park Hours calendar and the Disneyland app for the most up-to-date Park Hopper hours, as they could change, depending on the day and park. The ability to visit the other park will be subject to that park’s capacity limitations, operational hours, closures and other restrictions, and is not guaranteed.

If you need to cancel or remove a Guest from your reservation, you’ll need to do so before 11:59 PM Pacific Time, the day before your visit (or such other time as specified by the then current no-show policy), to avoid a no-show.

Stay Connected

Download the Disneyland app to access the Magic Key portal, which includes an overview of current Magic Key benefits and the latest Extras Unlocked offerings.

For more information and to book a Disneyland Resort vacation package or to purchase day tickets/park hoppers, fill out this FREE QUOTE FORM and a Travel agent will get in touch with you soon.

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