The All New 'Seven Dwarfs Mine Train' Attraction at Walt Disney World

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Our friends at Destinations in Florida Travel were lucky enough to be one of the first travel agencies to get a sneak peek into the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride at Magic Kingdom Park.  It was an exciting ride, perfect for the whole family!  Here is a little review of this incredible new attraction at Disney World.

Queue Line:  The queue line on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is an interactive experience with several activities to keep the family busy, while waiting in line.  Disney has offered experiences like this one on the Haunted Mansion, Thunder Mountain, and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.  We are excited they added it to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

The three interactive experiences include a computer generated mine box with gems floating along.  Guests can drag the gems by color and size into their trays.  Another experience allowed you to run your hands through colored water to make music.  My favorite experience was inside The Vault, where you would spin gem barrels that would make music and beautiful lights on the ceiling.  This one is fun to get everyone around you to do it at the same time!  These activities would keep the whole family entertained, while waiting in the stand by line.  For those lucky guests that get a FastPass+, you will miss this entire section and enter from another entrance.

The Ride:  The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride is a family roller coaster.  It is a cross between Big Thunder Mountain and the Barnstormer.  It is perfect for the whole family.  I loved how the ride was smooth for a roller coaster.  There were lots of dips and drops and turns.  The cart would slide left and right (just like a mine cart) to add to the fun.  As you went around corners, the cart would swing back and forth.  You certainly get a different experience if you sit in different spots on the cart.  I sat in the 1st row, 3rd row and all of the way in the back and it was a different experience each time.

The view on the ride was incredible as you got a spectacular view of the new Fantasyland.  If you have an opportunity, you will want to ride in the daytime and then again in the evening.  It was a completely difference experience.

Midway through the ride, you went through the Mine with your favorite friends…the Seven Dwarfs.  The animatronics were incredible, as the dwarfs sang and played in the mine.  They were singing that famous song, “Heigh Ho”.  As you started going up the hill for another drop of the coaster, you could see the shadows of the Seven Dwarfs walking home on the wall (just like the movie). It was amazing!

The next thing you knew, you were back on the roller coaster spinning and dropping.  The ride ended back at the Seven Dwarfs house with Snow White dancing inside with the dwarfs and animals.  Disney had one more surprise. Outside the door was the evil Queen.  Watch out Snow White!

The ride was amazing. The only challenge about the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is the size of the carts.  They sit two people across and it is a tight fit.  Just something to keep in mind during your Disney World vacation.  Overall, it was a fantastic new ride in Fantasyland.

This new roller coaster is set to open on May 28. FastPass+ reservations are already ready for booking!

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