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LA County Fair

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The LA County Fair is back in full swing, with a little more than half of the fair to go we wanted to let you know one of the Fair’s best-kept secrets! The $7.70 Value menu is here and it’s fair-wide! The value menu this year includes over a hundred different food vendors to choose from. With this many options, we opted to share a few of our favorites that are not only savory but give you a bang for your buck.

We decided to start with something simple and we think almost everyone can enjoy a hamburger meal deal! We found this deal at TASTI BURGER, we had a Small Regular Burger, Smalls Fries & 16oz Drink for you guessed it 7.70! It was a filling burger, the traditional size of burger you might find at your local diner, and with a drink and fry to pair, it was a good meal to start off our 7.70 meal deal journey.

LA County Fair

We asked for a Coke, but there were plenty of soda options to choose. This deal is located in the area which is known as Downtown Fairplex, right outside Building four. You’ll see the sign for TASTI BURGER, you can’t miss it outside building four if you want to try this great deal.

Our next stop took us to “Piggly’s Seafood” located at “The Hill” area of the fairground. We found our favorite deal yet. For those who love Mexican seafood, this is a sure-fire hit. The offer we found at “Piggly’s Seafood” was a plate of fries, a 16oz drink, served with a large fish taco. The fish taco was indeed a fair-sized version of a traditional fish taco with all the fixings and dressing on top of juicy fried fish on a large corn tortilla. Like our first $7.70 deal this was a deal sure to be a filling meal for only 7.70.

LA County Fair

Another reason you should visit this deal at Piggly’s is because of the self-serve drink option,  most vendors at the fair will serve your drink for you, but not here at this booth, they invite you to serve your own drink. There are not just traditional soda options to choose from, the booth also offers lemonade both regular and pink lemonade at no additional cost, something that other booths typically up-charge for.

What is fair food without fried food and barbecue, that is what we were looking for next on our journey through the $7.70 menu. We found a good barbecue deal from one of the best spots for barbecue at the fair at BUBBA’S BBQ. At Bubba’s, we found a deal for pulled pork. This included a Pulled Pork Slider, Chips & 16oz Drink. If you are looking for a taste of what Bubba’s has to offer this year at the fair, this is a deal to try.

LA County Fair

The savory pork slider with sweet bbq sauce served on the side made for a tasty meal for someone who was on the lookout for a “taste of the fair”. This can be found right across from the Grandstand with a big neon sign you can’t miss BUBBA’S BBQ.

As we moved on to fried food we discovered that one of the most infamous foods that has come out of the fair was alive and well amongst the $7.70 deals. The infamous Deep Fried Twinkie we found at FRIED A FAIR. The booth has plenty of fried foods to try but we were focused on trying the deal that paired the Deep Fried Twinkie & 16oz Drink.

LA County Fair

The Deep Fried Twinkie is just that a Twinkie, if you want bragging rights in future conversations that you went to the fair and tried one of those fried foods, this is just the way to do it. This sweet treat paired with a 16oz drink is perfect to wash down all that fried goodness. We had to walk to the “Fun Zone” area of the fairgrounds to enjoy this offer, we found it closest to the Yellow Gate entrance.

Our last stop and our favorite deal on the $7.70 list was at the DOLE WHIP booth. We had a Dole Whip Cup, you can choose from four flavors and we choose the traditional pineapple flavor. No treat reminds us more of The Happiest Place on Earth than a Dole Whip, and with a cup that can best be enjoyed by two, it’s no wonder that this was our favorite deal.

LA County Fair

The other four flavors you can choose from; Strawberry, Pineapple, Lemon, and Mango. You can try all four as they fall under the same deal. Our second favorite was the Lemon. A nice refreshing treat after all the food we had eaten at the fair.

You may be thinking simply going to the fair can be an expensive experience even with the value menu, but not if you’re aware of the ways you can save on your return! Entry or reentry at the fair can be a deal when you buy the Passport To Savings booklet.  This is a coupon book full of more than 100 great savings offers.

LA County Fair

This little green book includes over $1,000 in savings inside the Fair on food, games, rides, and products, AND a FREE return ticket to the Fair (valued at $20)! We bought one and are surely going to use it to return to the fair to enjoy more of the fair and all the deals it has to offer.

The LA County Fair runs NOW thru Labor Day Monday, May 29th. Hours are 11 am thru 11 pm. The LA County Fair is located at 1101 W. McKinley Ave. Pomona, CA 91768.

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