FAMILY GUY: The Quest For Stuff Mobile Game NOW on iOS and Android

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We were invited to a pre-launch event in Hollywood on March 2nd, where we got a brief demo of the upcoming FAMILY GUY: The Quest for Stuff mobile game from TinyCo and Fox Digital Entertainment.

FAMILY GUY: The Quest For Stuff is now available on the Apple App store and Google Play store. The game features all-new, original content written and voiced by FAMILY GUY talent updated regularly to play off current events, pop culture and the show’s 200+ episode catalogue.

Peter and Ernie The Giant Chicken have gotten into another epic battle. As a result of their fight, Quahog has been destroyed and chaos ensued. It’s the player’s job to rebuild the town.

With the town of Quahog in ruins, you need to help Peter rally all your favorite FAMILY GUY characters (even Meg) to rebuild the town and restore order. Your actions can trigger events that affect the entire town, and even the world. Stop alien invasions, religious cults and more calamities from further destroying Quahog!

● Help Peter realize his lifelong dream of becoming a pirate
● Quagmire searches for the fabled Gold Digger Island
● Travel through the multiverse with Stewie and Brian
● Get revenge on the Giant Chicken
● Survive Quahog’s Running of the Bulls thanks to Mayor West

As you venture through Quahog, you’ll unlock bonus character outfits and interact with all your favorite characters (with some celebrity cameos). Stop waiting a whole week for new FAMILY GUY jokes – get your daily FAMILY GUY fix on your mobile device.

Hands-on Game Review by Richard Lau – Media Correspondent

The game starts after Peter and Ernie the giant chicken get into another one of their infamous fights. Now with Quahog destroyed the game starts with us helping Peter rebuild the town, along the way other iconic characters from Family Guy will come along and help. As the game progresses you will be able to unlock special abilities and will be asked to perform certain tasks to advance in the game.

The version that I was able to play was still in BETA so completing the different tasks was very simple and quick by hitting the fast forward button provided. I do assume that once it officially goes live the same task that I played will maybe take a few minutes to perform or possibly a few hours. Game play was very quick and easy to pick up, I am not the best with most games at first but I quickly picked it up, maneuvering around Quahog and learning how to help the different characters advance by helping them perform their task(s) at hand for you to advance in the game. I do not want to divulge too much fun information about this game but apparently I was the first to unlock Glenn Quagmire at the launch party. Giggity. To me this game will make you feel like your one of its citizens interacting and helping rebuild the town of Quahog.

TinyCo. says that Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff will keep players busy for at least the next 9 months if not more. They are also working closely with Fox, Family Guy writers and cast to make this the most unbelievably addicting game to any Family Guy fanatic.

I am looking forward to downloading this game on to my iPad and play it on April 10th. A nice surprise is that Buzz Killington does appear, but only once so keep a monocle out for him.

Check-out these game screen shots:

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