Flashback: Spooky Attractions

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Our absolute favorite place to celebrate Halloween is at Disney Parks. Aside from filling up our treat bags at Mickey’s Halloween Party and enjoying the autumn decorations on Main Street, U.S.A, nothing puts us in the spirit of the season like taking a ride on some of the awesomely spooky theme park attractions. This Flashback, we’re giving you a run-down of our favorites, along with some trivia to impress your friends with.

Haunted Mansion Holiday
The Haunted Mansion is the mother of all creepy Disney attractions. The original haunted Mansion opened in Disneyland Park in 1969, and is home to 999 happy haunts, but there’s room for just one more. Any volunteers? During Halloween Time at Disneyland Park,  Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero, and all their freaky friends from The Nightmare Before Christmas take over the mansion to put their own spin the holidays. The centerpiece of the attraction is a scary gingerbread house in the ballroom scene, which is created from scratch by Disneyland Resort pastry chef Jean-Marc Viallet each year. This year it’s over nine feet tall!

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror opened in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 1994, and has been inviting daring guests to drop in to a hotel on the dark side of Hollywood ever since. At 199 feet tall, the attraction takes guests on a harrowing journey through an episode of The Twilight Zone, complete with an introduction by Rod Serling and a trek through the fifth dimension. Next time you check in to the Hollywood Tower Hotel, take a look at the stuffed animal the little girl is holding during the introduction video: it’s a Mickey Mouse doll from the 1930’s.

Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy

The newest addition to the family of spooky Disney attractions is Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. This seasonal overlay to Space Mountain lifted off in Hong Kong Disneyland in 2007. During Halloween, Space Station 77 is terrorized by a ghost that’s literally out of this world. If you’re prone to spacesickness and can’t experience the attraction from the inside, don’t forget to take a look at the exterior. Throughout the night you can see the ghost trying to run, push, claw  and electrocute his way out of the attraction.

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Tell us: what is your favorite spooky Disney attraction?