Flashback: Sports with Goofy

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Fall is here and we think there’s no better season for sports. Football season has just started, baseball season is in full swing, and basketball season is right around the corner! Plus, this year, we’re still enjoying watching replays of our favorite Olympic athletes from the summer games.

Even though we love Tom Brady, LeBron James, and Gabby Douglas, there’s no contest for our favorite athlete: it’s Goofy!

Ever since Goofy made his first appearance as a member of the audience in the 1932 short Mickey’s Revue, his well-intentioned missteps have been making Disney fans chuckle. He’s starred in 48 Goofy cartoons, had his own television show, Goof Troop, and even his own movie, A Goofy Movie, but to many fans, Goofy is best known for his silly shorts that revolved around him learning to play sports.

The Art of Skiing
In 1941, Goofy hit the slopes in The Art of Skiing.

How to Play Baseball
The next year, he stepped up to the plate in How to Play Baseball.

How to Play Football
“Dog pile” took on a whole new meaning in 1944’s How to Play Football.

Hockey Homicide
Goofy learned about good sportsmanship in 1945’s Hockey Homicide.

Double Dribble
In 1946, Goofy took a shot at basketball in Double Dribble.

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What is your favorite Goofy short?

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