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SeaWorld Orlando is known for its dedication to the sea through its conservation efforts and animal attractions throughout the park. SeaWorld is also famous for thrill attractions including Manta and Kraken. Kraken, reaching 149 feet and 65mph, is still known as one of the world’s best rollercoasters. But now SeaWorld has something bigger and faster in store.

SeaWorld announced the construction of a new rollercoaster Mako. Surfacing summer 2016, the coaster will be the tallest, fastest, and longest in Orlando. Towering 200 feet high and reaching speeds of 73mph along 4,760 feet of track, the hypercoaster will leave riders feeling a sense of weightlessness during its steep drops. Mako gets its name from the fastest shark in the seas, the Mako shark or “blue-pointers,” which are known for their top speed, making extreme jumps and the ability to quickly change course as they pursue their prey. This makes the tight turns and speed of the coaster inspired by reality.  The ride will also feature a unique sound system throughout the ride that will allow the custom score for Mako to be heard even as the riders exit the ride.

Mako is manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, a company renowned among coaster enthusiasts. B&M has built many of the world’s top roller coasters, including SeaWorld’s Manta and Kraken, and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s SheiKra.

SeaWorld’s new hypercoaster will be the centerpiece of the newly themed surrounding realm.  The two-acre plaza now will be fully shark themed including Mako, Shark Encounter, Sharks Underwater Grill, shops,  shark and shipwreck theming and educational experiences featuring sharks. The entire realm is created to make guests feel as if they’re underwater, part of the group of sharks and toothy animals that have taken over a shipwrecked reef. In the plaza, guests will learn about the impact humans are having on sharks and why these animals are critical to the environment.

Want to get a firsthand view of the twists and turns Mako has in store for its riders? Check out this video.

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