Guide to Epcot International Flower and Garden Topiaries

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There are many reasons to love the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival in Walt Disney World. One of those is the charming character topiaries on display throughout the park. These topiaries perfectly blend Disney magic and the spirit of Flower and Garden with their color and design. Of course, we couldn’t just look at them, we had to snag a few pictures to share as well! As soon as you enter the park you are greeted by Mickey and the gang! 

As you move past Spaceship Earth, you will find Donald and his nephews helping keep the gardens in tip-top shape. 

Further along, you run into the classic Epcot mascot Figment. 

When walking towards World Showcase, you can view the blossoming garden along the water line. 

Moving into World Showcase, you can find that this year’s centerpiece features three large butterfly topiaries. 

Right outside the Mexico pavilion, you will run into the Three Caballeros.  Anna and Elsa joyfully greet guests outside the Royal Summerhouse in Norway. But they are not the only character to greet you in this pavilion. 

A classic take on a Norwegian troll can also be found greeting guests in this pavilion. 

In China, a trio of Pandas can be viewed as you walk past. 

Do they not look as cuddly as the real thing? 

A more mysterious creature can also be found inside the China pavilion. 

As you make your way past the African Outpost, a comic duo await. 

Right across from Timone and Pumba, a classic movie scene from The Lion King can also be enjoyed. 

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves can be found in the Germany pavilion. 

As you pass by the Italy pavilion, you might see something that seems dog-gon familiar! It’s our lovely Lady and the Tramp.

Andy’s favorite toy greets you in the America pavilion. And don’t forget to grab some of that tasty BBQ from the Smokehouse when you visit him. 

Two of the most popular topiaries can be found in the France pavilion. Beauty and the Beast greet you as you make your way through the country. 

Our friend Peter Pan can be found dueling the ole Captain Hook in England. 

Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Rabbit can all also be found between England and Canada. 

A new addition the ferstival this year includes these wood stump carvings in the Canada pavilion. 

As you head back to the beginning of World Showcase, you can find these cuddly woodland creatures. 

By Test Track, you will find the Road to the Daytona 500 where everyone’s favorites cars Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez will greet you. 

Another one of Andy’s toys can be seen trying to catch a ride to Star Command by Mission Space. 

Daisy, Chip, and Dale are found by the Journey into Imagination ride. 

Of course, other smaller creatures can be found hiding out in the gardens of the festival. 

There are so many wonders to see at this year’s Flower and Garden Festival. So head on over to Epcot right away! The festival is taking place now through May 18th.

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