Guinness World Records: The Video Game Review

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Guinness World Records: The Video Game is a collection of 36 mini-games that challenge players to beat the Guinness World Record holder. From crushing watermelons with the “player’s head” and plucking feathers from a “turkey,” to throwing a “washing machine” the farthest, all using the touch screen and motion sensing technologies of the iPhone and iPod Touch, the fun never stops. Players can attempt to beat their state world record holder or the regional record holder, which makes getting the records a bit more manageable.  Players can also try and beat their own records because the top three scores on any event are saved.

Guinness Screens 014.png

The games are all different and the controls can be different. One of the challenges is to beat the video game world record. Players have to play a game similar to Astroids. Players are in a ship and shoot other ships by taping on the enemy ship. Double tapping the screen will cause your ship to move around the screen and away from enemies. The touch controls make the game a bit more challenging if you are a person that likes to “button mash”. If you “button mash” on the touch screen, you end up flying all over the place and usually into the enemy. The enemies are moving towards you and if you are randomly clicking the screen chances are you will miss the enemy and double click on open space causing your ship to move. The interface of the game is great, the cartoon effect works really well with the game. Quick and easy to use, get straight into the game. In game instructions that tell you how to do everything to get you started.

Guinness Screens 066.png

Over all the game is fun to play and adds the addictive nature of trying to beat records. Some of the records seemed impossible to attain, but they are not. It just takes a little effort and practice and players will be able to attain the state or even regional record. The game has a unique new technology that utilizes the Game Spy leader board engine, which enables you to compete for the virtual world record in a variety of categories. If you are driven by competition or like mini-games, check out Guinness World Records: The Video Game for the iPhone or iPod Touch, for only $4.99.


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