Hulu Launches ‘Hulu Animayhem’

Hulu Animayhem

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Hulu is the streaming destination for Adult Animation and Anime content, home to over 20,000 episodes across both genres, has launched “Hulu Animayhem,” a sub-brand that puts a spotlight on this robust Adult Animation and Anime library and super-serves its fans in a way that only Hulu can.

Kicking off with a new hero spot and creative key art picturing some of Adult Animation’s most beloved characters, the campaign will also include interactive social media touch points including a TikTok bracket challenge, AR filters, and more.

Fans will be thrilled to find newly branded hubs for both genres on Hulu, where they can find their favorite titles including Hulu Original Futurama (Season 11 premieres 7/24), Hulu Original Solar Opposites (Season 4 premieres 8/14), Viz Media’s Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War (Season 1, Part 2 premieres 7/8), Freeform’s Praise Petey (Series premieres 7/21, next day on Hulu), Viz Media’s Naruto Shippuden (Season 8 premieres 8/1), FX’s Archer (Final Season premieres 8/30, next day on Hulu), Hulu Original Undead Unluck (October 2023), and many more!

“Hulu Animayhem” will also show up in a major way at San Diego Comic-Con next weekend.  Taking over the Bayfront Parking Lot, the activation will take fans on a fully immersive journey that transports them through a 2D experience putting them right in the center of their favorite shows.

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