iLuv TimeShaker Micro will shake up your morning

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TimeShaker Micro

How many of you woken up with 5 minutes until the beginning of your shift because your alarm did not wake you? iLuv has released an alarm clock that will ensure you’re up exactly at the time you need to, even if it is rather abruptly.

Upon receiving the TimeShaker Micro I immediately got to set up; the directions were very easy to follow and there were no ambiguities. The device itself is very straightforward and I had it up and running in no time. The box itself includes the actual alarm clock device, the power cable and most interestingly of course the pillow shaker device. The alarm clock comes with a motley of features including FM radio, an auxiliary line input, USB charging port, a dimmer you could control and it can even play your own music via Bluetooth!

However, there are some features that concerned me; while the pillow shaker is an innovative way to rouse you from your slumber I did not like that it was attached to a 3-foot long cable. I tend to move around at night a lot and I’m sure many can say the same and so I was concerned that I would tangle myself with the cable or yank it off of the alarm clock. Luckily, when I woke none of such things happened; the pillow shaker was still intact to the alarm clock and it did its job of waking me up. Did I enjoy the device? Well that’s another story…

The morning the iLuv woke me up I thought I was going to have a heart attack; it didn’t rouse me from sleep but rather shockingly woke me up. The intensity of the shaker was great that I jolted right out of bed, but I ended sitting up for a good five minutes trying to calm myself down. At first I thought that I had the setting too high, but even though it had a ton of features a dial for the shaker was not present.

This product is great if you’re a heavy sleeper and nothing else works for you, but for the common customer the pillow shaker might be too much. Perhaps if they included a setting where the shaker starts at a low intensity and then builds up as time progresses.

This product is priced at $49.99, which for the numerous features makes it totally worth it. Will I use all of them? No, I will probably never use the pillow shaker ever again, but I did enjoy having the ability to play my own playlist from my phone with the touch of a button. So did I love the iLuv TimeShaker Micro? Short answer: sort of… I didn’t hate it but I wasn’t in love with it either. The speaker quality is great and I love all of the features it has except one. Personally, I would go out and buy it since it is reasonably priced, but I would “conveniently” lose the pillow shaker. If you wish to purchase the iLuv TimeShaker Micro Click on the button below.

iluv timeshaker micro vibrating alarm clock review