Knott’s Berry Farm Celebrates HangTime Grand Opening

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The red ribbon has been cut, ushering in a huge wave of excitement from coaster fans everywhere waiting to welcome and experience Knott’s Berry Farm’s long awaited drop coaster, HangTime. With Snoopy, live performances, plenty of food, and other surprises in store, the party kicked off the first official run of the record setting coaster in tubular fashion.

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Vice President and General Manager, Jon Storbeck, welcomed guests as they awaited the big moment. “It feels like just yesterday we just shared the news of the first and only dive coaster in California”, Storbeck cheered. The coaster spans over 150 feet, being a centerpiece of the Boardwalk area of the park. It boasts a 15 story hill lift with 96 degree vertical drop to start off. As the ride continues, guests will experience 5 gravity defying inversions along with unique lighting effects that are fully customizable and programmable.

The entire team at Knott’s voiced their pride for the new attraction, mentioning to SoCalThrills that from concept to completed project, it’s been a collaborative effort that couldn’t have gone more smoothly. We caught up with some of the creative leaders that helped bring HangTime off blueprints and into a reality in an exclusive sit down with Adam Sandy, Eric Nix, and Jeff Gahagan.

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In celebration of the coaster’s maiden surf, new shows and entertainment were announced for Knott’s summer season. The main event, called “Beach Blanket Beagle” is a musical dance party that is set to classic beachcomber tunes of the early 60s and 70s, fitting right in with the surfer theme of the attraction. The new show will be held in the Charles M. Schulz theater starting in June.

It was also revealed that the popular event, Ghost Town Alive, will return on May 26th with more interactive adventures that include guests in an epic quest for gold. To go along with the theme, a new stunt spectacular will be held at the Calico Mine Stage called, “Calico’s Mountain Jamboree”. The show’s story centers around the fierce rivalry between the Timber Mountain Loggers an the Calico Miners. There will be plenty of comedy in the show, as Storbeck made sure to touch upon.

As the summer kicks off, Soak City has also opened, allowing guests to visit the recently renovated and expanded water park for the rest of the season. Along with HangTime, Knott’s is in full swing and not showing any signs of slowing down. Check out some of the photos from the grand premiere event this week at Knott’s below!

You can take a look at the full summer’s worth of fun by visiting Knott’s Berry Farm’s official site!

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