Knott's Announces Updates to Classic Calico Mine Ride & Camp Snoopy

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On Thursday April 17, we were invited to Knott’s Berry Farm for an Exclusive event to see what plans are underway for enhancement to Camp Snoopy and the Calico Mine Ride. The creative teams are working tirelessly to have Camp Snoopy more themed to fit the High Sierras. Some of the favorite attractions will get a new paint scheme to tie into the wilderness. For example Lucy’s Tugboat that looked like a steam boat had now been transformed into a Raft. Another attraction that will be getting a makeover soon is the Rocky Road Truckin’ Company, instead of having the trucks look like just regular semis, they will get a new skin with a logging company theme. In addition new Peanuts fun will be coming to Grand Sierra Railroad. Linus Van Pelt will narrate the eight minute journey, pointing out the rustic sights and halarious Peanuts’ camping adventures along the way.

Video: Camp Snoopy Sneak Peak

Artist rendering of the new attractions coming in 2014 at Knott’s Berry Farm’s Camp Snoopy.
Artist rendering of the new attractions coming in 2014 at Knott’s Berry Farm’s Camp Snoopy.

In addition they are adding in three new attractions; Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies, Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer and Linus Launcher. Finally Snoopy and the Peanuts gang will have their very own permanent meet and greet location where the former Joe Cool’s GR8 SK8 attraction was. Now guests can meet the loveable Snoopy, Charlie Brown and his friends there.


Now what every miner has been waiting for is to strike it rich at the Calico Mine Ride. Soon the mountain full of prospectors will be running into the mine to see if they can strike it rich. Are you brave enough to go inside and see what’s in store? I have been looking forward to seeing this classic attraction brought back to life. I am pleased to confirm that Garner Holt Productions (GHP) has been working hard on bringing the miners and other surprises to life. Once completed there will be about 40 animatronics inside the mountain. GHP was also the ones that brought new life to the Timber Mountain Log Ride.

Video: Behind-the-Scenes Calico Mine Ride Sneak Peak

We were lucky enough to get a quick tour of a very small portion of the attraction. Crews were everywhere working hard refurbishing this classic ride. We also were able to take a sneak peak into the base of the “glory hole” this is the large open cavern in the attraction where you will see most of the animations. Updates to Camp Snoopy and Calico Mine Ride will open Summer 2014!

Check-out our Extensive Photo Gallery below of our Exclusive Construction tour.

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