LA Comic Con 2018 Takes Over Los Angeles

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Right in the heart of Southern California, thousands of geeks, nerds, and cosplayers assembled to ring in another exciting year of the ever popular, LA Comic-Con. Every inch of the convention center was taken over by a wave of nostalgia and creativity, creating a memorable experience that can only be defined as culturally phenomenal.

La Comic Con

From the crack of dawn, crowds lined up in hoards, preparing to jump into the day’s panels, events, and fan gatherings. Some of the most notable appearances came from Tenacious D’s Jack Black, The Room’s Tommy Wiseau, Arrow’s Katie Cassidy, Halloweentown’s Kimberly J. Brown, and Mandy producer, Elijah Wood.

Similar to other large events, like San Diego Comic-Con, the three-day convention is home to multiple expressions of fandom that range from non-profit cosplay meetups, to film screenings, to fan-run panels discussing various topics across the never-ending mass of pop culture references. Each day, multiple events run from sunup to sundown, not leaving a moment to spare unless it’s for a quick photo op. Even concessions are a hot ticket, creating long enough lines to trick you into thinking you were waiting for a celebrity meet and greet.

La Comic Con

Though, the main draw to any convention is cosplay, which was no exception in LA this year. All levels and ages came together, displaying their best and most creative interpretations of their favorite characters. You can see some of the amazing outfits we encountered by checking out our Cosplay Roundup.

Yet, for once, the attention shifted away from the flashy display of costumes to focus on another shining moment. During the convention’s Cosplay Championship, a couple was brought to the stage in honor of their first convention visit. Within moments, the crowd was surprised by a heartfelt proposal, with a well deserved yes following shortly after. The crowd cheered, warm and full of smiles, providing the very essence of what convention culture stands for: bringing people closer together.

La Comic Con

Though this year’s event is in the books, there’s still plenty of time to prepare for the next celebration. LA Comic-Con returns to Southern California from October 11-13th 2019. You can learn more about the event and stay up to date with what’s to come by visiting their official site.