Legoland California – The Lego Movie World is Now Open!

Welcome to a new world

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As the world finds its way to piece its way back together, Legoland California does the same.  But with plastic bricks for the delayed but now open LEGO Movie World.  Those familiar with the Carlsbad theme park will recognize portions of the new land as a redressing of Heartlake City that was previously based on LEGO Friends.  But the LEGO Movie franchise is far more appealing even to the average LEGO fanatic, myself included.

Same awesome store, new super cool stuff

The Heartlake City Boutique is now The Awesome Shop (with super cool stuff).

Come hone your skill as the next Master Builder

A horse barn themed LEGO brick construction play area under a structure is now a “Build Watevra You Wa’na Build”.  That’s literally what this is called.  But at least there’s a new snack stand by the entrance. Perhaps the best-themed food item is a star-shaped cookie inspired by LEGO Movie: The Second Part.  The snack stand is themed as “Benny’s Rocket Fuel”, which pairs nicely with the newly constructed playground structure in the center of the land.

The vertical structure is well-themed where guests can find Benny himself putting together a rocket. General Mayhem can also be found nearby sitting on a bench.  The Heartlake Fountain water play area is saved and also pairs well beside the rocket play area.

The best place to be “horsing” around

Next is a merry-go-round ride previously themed as Mia’s Riding Camp is now Queen Watevra’s Carousel, respectfully.  The same horse-themed ride favorite with a new coat of paint.

Unikitty invites you to “drop” a few beats

For a little something new, Unikitty’s Disco Drop Tower is a family fun ride that lifts guests up 35 feet in the air before bouncing down and up to you with giggles. The top of the pair of towers displays the character’s emotional range while entertaining riders.

Soarin’ around the LEGO world

Next door is the crown jewel that anchors the new land, Emmet’s Flying Adventure – Masters of Flight. This simulated flying ride is essentially just like the Soarin’ attraction found at the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. Emmet has constructed a triple-decker couch for guests to ride in to win a master-building contest. Unfortunately, the line moves slow and it’s difficult to get a sense of even what you are riding except to immediately compare it to Soarin’.

Perhaps have an oversized blueprint in the queue made by Emmet planning out the steps of building the couch. In fact, it would be nice to have a triple-decker couch as a photo-op outside of the ride entrance to get a clear visual. There’s already a photo-op of LEGO people on benches where guests position their heads in for photos.  But for the most part, Emmet’s Flying Adventure is a fun indoor ride that can be easily enjoyed even for non-LEGO Movie fans.

Not all heroes taste “crepes”
Amen to ramen

The rest of the land line-up includes more re-theming of previous establishments and carried-over menu favorites.  City Park Creperie is now Cloud Cuckoo Crepes.  The ramen restaurant appears to have more outdoor seating.

Livin’ it up

Emmet’s Super Suite is where you can meet and greet and take photos with Emmet or one of his friends. It’s not too elaborate with just a small lobby, Emmet’s living room set, and a green screen room to purchase photos.  This building was large enough for an indoor LEGO Movie experience as a walk-through attraction of the first movie’s set-pieces.

A similar experience for the second movie is now in the Imagination Zone. So with that in mind, it’s a little disappointing to what became of this space.

Where else can you see a bunny and a banana sitting on a bench holding balloons?

I would almost compare LEGO Movie World to Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure theme park.  That land previously known as Paradise Pier brought in a more familiar and slightly broad intellectual property that can be enjoyed by visitors both not familiar and huge enthusiasts of the characters and their world. There’s a lot more to see and do compared to the land’s predecessor.

More colorful settings to immerse into.  And there are more familiar LEGO movie characters you’d want to take selfies with.  Overall, those families visiting with small children who know what type of experience to expect from previous visits to a LEGOLAND theme park will thoroughly enjoy the new LEGO Movie World while still sprinkled with something a little familiar from the past.

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