LEGOLAND California Unleashes Dino Valley: A Prehistoric Playground for Dinosaur Lovers

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Okay, we have to say, the hype is REAL. On Friday, March 22, 2024, LEGOLAND California Resort FINALLY unveiled its newest land, Dino Valley – and it’s everything a dinosaur-obsessed, LEGO-loving kid (or kid-at-heart) could dream of. Talk about a ROAR-some way to celebrate their 25th birthday!

We are not the only ones who’ve been wishing for dinosaurs at LEGOLAND. “We did a bunch of research, and dinosaurs were the top request,” says Kurt Stocks, President of LEGOLAND California Resort. “This project has been in the works for two years, and it’s incredible how they’ve transformed those classic rides into a whole prehistoric experience!”


What You’ll Find in Dino Valley

Okay, let’s get to the good stuff! Here’s the lowdown on what Dino Valley has to offer:

  • The Rides: They’ve revamped some old favorites with a dinosaur twist! The new Explorer River Quest takes you on a scenic boat ride packed with incredible LEGO dino encounters (watch out for that sneaky T-Rex!). For little adventurers, the DUPLO Little Dino Trail is a gentle ride with adorable LEGO DUPLO dinos and a fun interactive element. And of course, the classic Coastersaurus is still there, ready to whiz you around giant LEGO dinos.



  • LEGO Dino Masterpieces: These are seriously mind-blowing. Over 30 life-sized LEGO dinosaurs roam this land, including a towering T-Rex that took 140,000 bricks to build! Get those cameras ready for some awesome selfies.



  • Dino Outpost: Get ready to channel your inner paleontologist! Dig for fossils, build your own LEGO dino creations, and meet the LEGO T-Rex guy and LEGO Paleontologist girl.
  • Early Access Perk: Anyone staying at the LEGOLAND Hotel or LEGOLAND Castle Hotel gets to explore Dino Valley an hour before everyone else – score!

Wait, there’s MORE – the LEGO World Parade!

As if dinos weren’t enough, LEGOLAND California is bringing out the big guns for their 25th birthday. This summer, they’re launching North America’s first-ever LEGO World Parade! Think dazzling floats, catchy music, and all your favorite LEGO characters. It sounds like the perfect way to end a brick-tastic day.

If you’re a dinosaur fan or have a kiddo who loves LEGO, Dino Valley is a MUST-VISIT. It’s the perfect mix of thrilling rides, hands-on activities, and those awe-inspiring LEGO creations. Honestly, we were tempted to book a stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel just for that early access perk!


You can find all the details on the LEGOLAND® California website:

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