Monsters University New Clips

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Hey Monsters University Fans. We got some new clips to share with you. Check-out these clips from the film. Also make sure to come back and read our Interviews with celebrities John Goodman and Billy Crystal from Monsters University and our spoiler free movie review. All happening in min-June!! Enjoy.

“First Contact” Clip – Get a glimpse of Mike & Sulley’s first morning as members of the Oozma Kappa brotherhood.

“ROR Material” Clip – Sulley’s capture of the Archie, the rival school’s mascot, just might be enough to make him worthy of joining the leading fraternity on campus: Roar Omega Roar.

“OK Initiation” Clip – Oozma Kappa’s sacred initiation ritual gets an unexpected interruption as the members try to welcome Mike & Sulley to their brotherhood.

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