Movie Review: Monsters Inc. 3D

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MI3D_Mike_3D_Glasses_sRGB_w3.0In 2001 Disney/Pixar would captivate our youth and enter a world we once thought was to frightening to enter, where monsters live. Pete Doctor brought us what really happens when we go to sleep and our fears come out of the closet. Only difference this time, it’s in 3D.

Sully and Mike are the number 1 scare team in Monstropolis. Providing screams from children is what powers everything here. Only problem, children are not getting as scared anymore in our ever changing world. Least of all a monster ever come into contact with a child, they’re a deadly contagion in the minds of the monsters. But what if a child did come to Monstropolis? Are they deadly? And how do the monsters take care of this power shortage?

As many of you already know this film is an animated classic in the sense of story. As John Lasseter has always said for any Disney/Pixar film, “Do I care?” is the mantra for the entire creative development. Can you become emotionally involved with the characters whether they are real or animated? It is this formula that Pixar struck gold with and continues to share with the world since “Toy Story” in 1995.

So why take a great film and change it? To do that is merely taking what was in Pete’s mind in the first place and bringing it to the screen. With the help of Josh Hollander, Pixar’s 3D production director, and stereoscopic supervisor Bob Whitehill, Monsters in 3D is just enhancing the film so you can become even more lost in the story and be rewarded with an immersive experience.

Does it deliver you ask? The answer; to a point. By taking the original computer animations and drawing them out in the stereocope of 3D, we have enhanced the film in the aspect of depth of perception, the only true difference. Otherwise it is still the great story, wonderful animation, incredible voice talent and wild imagery of a different world than ours. But in my opinion it is not better than seeing it in its original form.

Again it is only one person’s opinion and many may disagree with me, but I feel Disney is ‘jumping the shark’ in regards to 3D. Why is Disney/Pixar going back and reimagining films in 3D that are magnificent in the original form? “Toy Story 3” 3D was made and released as 3D is the exception. But going back and redoing “Nemo” and now “Monsters”, why? To “bring it to a new generation” as quoted? Please, DVD and Blu-ray is already doing that. Or did they do this to set up the next film “Monsters University”? I couldn’t tell you since there wasn’t even a sneak peek of the prequel, that would have made sense.

In all, it is fun to see the film on the big screen again. Watching our imagination be just as afraid of us as we are of it is reassuring that we as people can overcome anything.

For those of you who follow my reviews I always have personal insight of life and art. However it is tough for me due to recent happenings. It was Saturday that I sat with my family, my fiancé and two children, watching this film laughing and, yes, crying as the story unfolded. But deep down I was sad because of what happened just the day before on the other side of the country. There are parents who will not be able to hold those who are dear to them anymore, fiancés who will never be held, grandparents who can’t pass their wisdom on and children who won’t be able to grow up and learn more. My heart goes out to those who are affected by this tragedy. But do not stop living, keep them alive in your thoughts and live each day as they would. It is then that they will never leave us.

Peace to all during this holiday season.

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