Movie Review Strap yourself in for 'Mad Max Fury Road'

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I have just caught my breath. This is one insane wild ride that could go up against any 100 MPH rollercoaster! MAD MAX FURY ROAD is exploding into theaters at full force and I am not exaggerating. Do not go in expecting some cheap action flick, this is the real deal.  Prep your hands because you are not letting go from start to finish. There are no breaks in this film, it’s all adrenaline.  This new adaptation/sequel of Mad Max brings the franchise to the modern era with high-flying practical stunts, intense fight scenes, along with pure and absolutely raw entertainment!

There is no catching up to GEORGE MILLER’S film, you just hit the ground running as soon as the picture hits the screen.  Miller isn’t known for many films, but oddly enough also directed Happy Feet and its sequel. Okay, just forget that you even read that because there is no correlation between the two. Really, it was worth mentioning because this such a different movie than you have ever seen.  This is no doubt a passion project of his that he has been trying to complete ever since Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome from 1985.

Make no mistake, this just flat out is a film you must see. No seriously, you need to see it. I’ll remind you later.  However, let’s pre-warn those that may not be ready for this heart-racing experience.  Mad Max is NOT about it’s compelling story.  While there should be no qualms about it, do not expect to see riveting dialogue and deep quiet moments.  Frankly, there aren’t any.  Okay, perhaps a few words, seriously, a few.  That’s partly what makes this so unique yet so wonderful at the same time. Miller creates a film where the words aren’t needed. Everything is expressed clearly with several lines spread through out.


This is not however one of those blockbuster action films that is all action and no story.  Mad Max Fury Road is all about the journey.  The action is incredibly well done and fitting, but with most movies with all action, it can become dull, numb and repetitive.  Not in Fury Road. Every scene is just as intense as the last and the audience easily becomes immersed in this hellish world where survival isn’t certain.

No worries if you haven’t seen the originals. Hell, I haven’t and I never felt like I didn’t understand what was happening. No prior knowledge of the character(s) is needed.  Thus you can just sit back and enjoy.

Hopefully by now you have seen the trailers, and even then you may not really understand the plot. It’s okay, but lets explain it a little.  The films takes place in apocalyptic desert landscape apparently in the middle of nowhere (filmed North of South Africa) where there isn’t much left in humanity.  Everyone has been left fighting for the daily necessities in life, including water.  Within this world are two rebels on the run.  One being Max himself, TOM HARDY, who we see as a captured prisoner as a hood ornament on one of the many beastly cars.  The other being Furiosa, CHARLIZE THERON, a tough independent woman looking to seek survival away from an evil dictator in her search of here childhood home.

Along the way the two paths meet in one of the many stunt-driven noisy action sequences where together they may actually be able to achieve their goals. During their passing through a road of fury, see what I did there, there is a large cast of characters. Each of them are more unique than the other.  The band of drivers that are on the chase for Max and Furiosa are all insane and some even a little overly characterize giving the film an other worldly feel.  Everyone is fighting for themselves and are little more concerned about following their commanders demands opposed to really talking or appearing to having much of any education.  This is a world that has gone back to the dark ages that are reminiscent of caveman times with subtexts of religious purity and genocide, but it’s nothing that some flipping cars and explosions may help you not take notice.

Think Water World, but with a the exact opposite landscape and done right.  Tom Hardy may have just as few words as his character Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, but his interactions with Charlize Theron expresses all that the audiences needs.  His words are hard to come by, but just the looks between the two are captivating enough where nothing needs to be said.  Charlize is a badass one-arm-missing woman that can go to battle when needed.  During her travels she is helping save several wives including a pregnant one from their city leader, Immortan Joe.  This is just one of many of Millers insane clown posse like characters in the film.

As I sat and was mesmerized by the loud high energy start, I was trapped with eyes glued to the screen as every second felt as just as quick as the last. Miller takes advantage of the fast moving hectic film style that we have seen in films like The Bourne Identity, but no need for concern as Fury Road finally does it right. I felt I could actually see the action taking place and never felt lost with an epic amount of scene cuts. This fast paced endless action opening continues for what may have been 20 to 25 minutes, perhaps longer, but for an instant there was silence and the screen was black. Collectively the audience sighed and then laughed as we were happy we were all feeling this together.  We got about 5 minutes of air and we were off again on the chase. The opening is of a grand finale nature, but instead here it’s just a snack as we prepare for more. I hope to hear some hootin’ and some hollerin’ in theater on opening day!

I don’t think I can mention enough that this movie is LOUD, but fitting loud.  I hope the sound editing artists receives some type of award for their brilliance done in this movie.  I’m not one usually for loud absurd movies, but this was truly more of a ride than anything else.  I highly advise seeing this in a good theater with superior sound.  The sound in this really adds another element to the film.


It’s really the action that is the star of Fury Road.  The majority of the scenes and stunts were used with all practical stunts.  The film isn’t CGI heavy giving it that raw gritty feel.  I feel it delivers more of an impact and each sequence is respected just a little more because of it.  The shots are cinematic gold. Beautiful and grand yet never too much.

The challenge will be overcoming perhaps too much positivity about this movie. I hope I am not overhyping this movie as it was gem that caught me by surprised.  You’re going to want to see this one in the theater, and maybe again right after to appreciate the filmmaking aspect of it all.

Don’t forget that you should see this one.  Oh, by the way, did I tell you that you should see this movie? Really, if you want to be entertained, escape from reality for 2 hours, and leave feeling that little bit of joy then see Mad Max Fury Road.  Are you ready?