Movie Review: David Hayter's Wolves

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Wolves is a movie that tells the story of popular football jock, Cayden Richards (Lucas Till), as we follow him on a murderous path to find out the truth of his werewolf ancestry in Lupine Ridge.

The movie begins with Cayden waking up in a cold sweat from a nightmare of a werewolf attack. Thankfully, his mother and father are quickly by his side to console him of his horrifying night terror. But he soon wonders why he would even have such dreams, being the beloved high school quarterback with the beautiful girlfriend, obviously. He then figures it out as a football game turns deadly as an over-aggressive defenseman soon gets his helmet caved in by Cayden’s bare fist. Now Cayden’s confusion of life comes into play after being questioned by police, school administrators and the victim’s parents. That night, Cayden and his girlfriend, Lisa were on a lover’s hill and things took a turn for the worst when he transformed into a werewolf and attacks. Cayden soon wakes up in his home dazed and confused, wondering how he got there. He then discovers the death of his parents in what looks like a horrific blood bath. The police arrive to the scene almost instantly, but Cayden makes a smooth get away and is now on the run from the authorities.


Beginning his life on the run, Cayden visits different biker bars where he runs into another werewolf named Wild Joe. He explains to Cayden about what exactly he is, a werewolf. Just before Wild Joe vanishes without a trace, he reveals where Cayden should go, Lupine Ridge. It is here where he finds others who have the same ancestry as Cayden and he begins to learn more about where he came from. Cayden conveniently gets offered a job as a farm hand. His new employer, John, not only helps him get on his feet living in a new town, but also helps him transition into his new life as a werewolf.

Cayden’s life begins anew without a hitch. Working on the farm, meeting a beautiful young lady named Angelina (played by Merritt Patterson) and having his past removed has helped him cope with his new life until another man appears named Connor (Jason Mamoa), who interrogates Cayden about anything and everything until John (Stephen McHattie) arrives and forces Connor to leave. Soon after, events begin to transpire that make Cayden believe he is the terrible monster that he fears he is.

Connor and Carter

The future of Lupine Ridge looks bleak and it is up to Cayden to end Connor’s violent reign as the pack leader, but will the truth of his families heritage obstruct his quest for salvation? It is a new take on werewolves that we haven’t seen before and is filled with action, romance, and bloody violence. The story and characters were well executed and delivered to keep myself intrigued, but it will definitely not be nominated for Best Picture. You can watch Wolves on VOD and will be released in select theaters Nov 14. Be sure to let us know what you think of the film in the comments below!