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Museum of Monsters Opens Door to Family Fun Selfies

by Russell Tom

Museum of Monsters, or M.O.M. for short, is a fluffy museum that puts a whimsical twist on the selfie exhibition trend that has been on the rise the past few years.  It’s an “all-ages” not-very-scary Halloween experience that seeks to re-imagine itself throughout the year with different seasonal overlays.  For their first exhibit, guests are invited into the mind of a little girl as her imaginary monsters come to life through the child’s bedroom closet in a sort of “Where the Wild Things Are” vibe.

A child’s bedroom is the best place to find monsters

A Whimsical playground

This first project took roughly three months from concept to final product.  Designers aim to create a space that is immersive and engaging for the entire family.  The final results have a homemade quality as much as a grade-school teacher would decorate her classroom for her students to enjoy.  The walls are bombarded with color from fuzzy fur to shifting sequins.  Guests are encouraged to come dressed in their kid-friendly monster best and take photos amongst the zany backdrops.  Feel free to touch and interact with the exhibit as it is designed to be immersive.  You never know what you may find, even under a trash can lid.

A surprise waiting for you in the trash can!

The atmosphere is brightly lit, with no strobe lights, and with low noise levels.  This actually makes it much more accessible with families who have members that may be disabled and would be unable to navigate bigger Halloween events in the greater Los Angeles area.  The middle of the experience gives families a chance to hop into a ball pit for a family picture.

Drop on in and have a swim in the ball pit
A child goes missing
Drawings of monsters
An innocent bedroom
The portal to another world hides behind this closet
Keeping an eye out in this blacklit forest
A Whimsical playground
More shapes, sizes, and colors await
Be sure to bring your smile for camera!
A shower of rubber ducks
A suitcase full of tentacles
Getting bright ideas
A color-changing wall
Colorful pumpkins hiding from plain sight
Cloudy with a chance of AAHHHH!!!
Fresh from the farm and straight into the lab
Working in the lab late one night...
Books can get hungry, too
Experimenting with test tubes and slime
A surprise waiting for you in the trash can!
Observe and report your findings
Conservatory confessions: monsters are real
Carnivorous conservatories need plant food as well

The Museum of Monsters is located at 2927 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064.  Free parking is located in the back.  Check out the selfie museum on social media like Instagram and Facebook for updates.


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