Now Available: Halloween-Themed Emojis and Items and Emoji Stickers for iMessage

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Disney has launched a new update for Disney Emoji Blitz, adding Halloween-themed emojis and items to the game, and the ability to share emojis as stickers in iMessage after unlocking the emojis through gameplay. Since launching this summer, the hit mobile game Disney Emoji Blitz has become a fan favorite with its fast-paced match-3 gameplay featuring more than 600 Disney and Pixar emojis and items.

Game Updates
Players with iOS 10 can now share Disney and Pixar emojis as stickers in iMessage, accessible through the game. Additionally, throughout October, Disney Emoji Blitz is getting into the Halloween spirit with wicked new content:

· New Characters: Collect and use Hatbox Ghost and Abominable Snowman, characters inspired by attractions at Disney parks

· New Halloween-Themed Items: Collect a new set of Halloween-themed emojis, such as a Mickey Mouse jack-o’lantern and candy corn, and earn more than 60 prizes while progressing through new Halloween item cards

Disney Emoji Blitz is available for free download with in-app purchases on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Disney Emoji Blitz has passed some exciting milestones since its launch this summer. Fans have played the game 500 million times and counting, spending over 1 billion minutes in the game. In addition, players continue to share the fun, sending 35 million emojis to their friends through the Disney Emoji Blitz keyboard. Check out an infographic of the game’s exciting milestones below: