Oh My Disney’s 90’s Flashback Collection Is Just What We Needed

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Oh My Disney is raising the nostalgia bar with their brand new 90s Flashback Collection, giving a whole new reason for 90s babies and nostalgia freaks to jump for joy. Prepare to kick it old school with a custom series that will turn the clock back to the era of VHS, The Lion King, and denim.

The collection contains 61 products, ranging from key chains to purses, to office accessories. All of the items are custom made to throwback to the age of the Disney Renaissance and feature the following films: Hercules, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, A Goofy Movie, Aladdin, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

You can experience the “Circle of Life” in a brand new way with this amazing Lion King retro clock or fly to new heights wearing Aladdin‘s amazing Magic Carpet Demin Jacket. There are even Hercules commemorative mugs, perfect for hot chocolate and a Disney movie marathon. No matter your age or fandom, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Hit rewind and view the entire collection by clicking here.

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