OUYA Video Game Console Lands For Your TV On June 4

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OUYA GAME CONSOLEIt’s game on for OUYA which todayconfirmed the new video game console will launch in the United States, Canada, and the U.K. on June 4, 2013, for $99.99. OUYA upends the current console model by being open to any game developer who wants to create and publish games for the TV. For gamers, this means they can now download any game they choose, and try it for free — no more discs to buy and no more risk of paying for games you don’t love.

This concept has earned OUYA widespread support from developers of all kinds and gamers — both of whom have shared their feedback on what they wanted in a game system, along with millions of dollars in crowdsourced funding. Tens of thousands of OUYAs were sold in its first month when announced in 2012. OUYA will begin shipping units to its early backers today as part of a preview program leading up to the June retail launch.

Featuring vivid HD graphics, immersive sound, and a gamer’s controller, OUYA delivers a unique platform for enjoying games of every genre, from racing to shooter, action-adventure to RPG, and platformer to puzzle. More than 8,000 game developers worldwide are currently developing games, from a wide range of established and up-and-coming developers, including Square Enix, Inc., Double Fine Productions, Tripwire Interactive LLC, Vlambeer, Phil Fish’s Polytron Corporation, and Kim Swift’s Airtight Games.

“Nine months ago, we shared an idea for an immersive, beautiful and powerful game console that generated an outpouring of support from game developers, gamers, technology enthusiasts, and more. With that, we set out to bring the OUYA concept to life, and today, we’re delivering,” said Julie Uhrman, CEO of OUYA. “We’re giving early backers the first look at the final OUYA console and controller, and we look forward to their continued input as we gear up for the official launch at retail on June 4.”

OUYA includes:

  • Console: Designed by Yves Behar, OUYA features a sleek, compact cube design that plugs into the TV. The days of waiting out long boot cycles are over, because OUYA wakes up instantly.
  • Controller: A gamer-envisioned and refined, intuitive wireless controller with fast, responsive buttons, triggers that FEEL like triggers, laser-precise analog sticks, a cross-style D-Pad, and even a touchpad.
  • Power: An on-board Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset delivers fast performance and amazing graphics for a truly, immersive game experience in 1080p HD.
  • Games: Games will be added daily to OUYA into the June launch and beyond. All games on OUYA will be downloadable and free-to-try. The system was designed as an open platform to enable all developers the freedom to create games and publish to the TV.
  • Apps: In addition to games, OUYA fans can access their favorite steaming video and music apps including content directly from Twitch.tv, Flixster, Plex, XBMC, Crunchyroll, iHeartRadio and many others.

“It’s an exciting time for game developers as it becomes easier to get games into the hands of gamers,” said Ed Fries, industry veteran and OUYA advisor. “OUYA is a big part of the future of console gaming. It removes content filters, empowers all game creators, and enables true gamer-driven curation.”

“OUYA is different from any other product,” said Michael Pachter, senior analyst, Wedbush Securities. “Thousands of games and apps should appear over time, and players will end up with tons of choices accessible through their TV using a controller that is really easy to use.”

“It’s about time somebody tried to do what OUYA is trying to do, and doing it differently, too,” said Phil Fish Polytron founder and Fez creator. “Working with the OUYA team has been a breath of fresh air.”

OUYA is now shipping to early backers as part of a preview program. Starting June 4, OUYA will be available for purchase in the United States, Canada, and the UK through retailers Amazon, Best Buy, GAME, GameStop, Target, and the store on OUYA.tv for $99.99. Extra controllers will retail for $49.99. Consumers can pre-order OUYA today at any of these retailers.