A Photo Tour: Disney's Art of Animation Resort

Take a tour through Disney's Art of Animation Resort and become immersed in some of your favorite Disney and Pixar movies

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Among the many resort choices you can stay at during your Walt Disney World vacation, Art of Animation is one of the most fun and vibrantly themed. The resort features themes from four different Disney and Pixar films including The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, and Cars. Each theme immerses you within its movie from large statues of characters and scenes to dramatically themed rooms. As well, the resort features large family suite style rooms in all themes except for The Little Mermaid. Today we will be taking a tour through the outside themed areas of these resorts as well as the lobby.

First on our tour is the lobby area. When you first enter the lobby to check in, you will notice a large wall that features different animation sketches and concepts from various movies. The chandelier found outside the gift shop features actual prints from there movies. The gift shop also has an inking theme to it that can be seen when looking all around the top of the walls.

Upon leaving the lobby, you dive right into the Finding Nemo area and are greeted by a view of the “Big Blue Pool.” This is the main pool at the resort and is also the largest pool on Walt Disney World property. It also allows you to listen to some of your favorite Disney music under water! Guests staying at any area of Art of Animation can access it using their magic band. The Finding Nemo area brings the movie to life and sizes you down to a fishes point of view. Walk, or swim, around and be surrounded by different characters and features from the movie.

If you head to the left of the Finding Nemo area, you will enter The Lion King area. In this area you will get lost in the mighty jungle as you are put in the perspective of a young lion. Throughout this area you will find many iconic characters including Rafiki, Simba, Scar, and even the Hyenas. some of the different landscapes and features also allow you to walk through or around them, like the elephant graveyard.

The next area places you right in the story of The Little Mermaid. You may notice a few gadgets and gizmos a plenty lying around here. You may also observe that the building and rooms themselves look different from the rest of the resort. This is because these buildings were built to be an addition to Disney’s Pop Century Resort (Right across the bridge). Disney decided to instead create an entirely new resort and theme instead, but these buildings were already completed.

The last area of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is the Cars suites. This area takes you right into Radiator Springs to join Lightning McQueen, Sally, and the rest of the gang. If it’s a little warm along route 66, you can head to the Cozy Cone pool area. This area is unique because it is the only one that represents a dry climate. This creates a completely different scheme of colors compared to the many greens you see in the other three areas.

As you can see, Disney’s Art of Animation resort puts you right in the middle of each of these movies. Whether its cruising with Lightning McQueen or Swimming with Nemo, this resort has a little bit of everything. Have you ever stayed at Art of Animation? Which area is your favorite?

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