Pixar Fest 2024 at Disneyland: A Character Bonanza!

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Attention Pixar fans! Disneyland Resort is hosting Pixar Fest, a magical celebration filled with exciting entertainment, unique novelties, themed treats, and most importantly, over 20 beloved Pixar characters – some making their Disney park debut! This extraordinary event runs through August 4, 2024, so be sure to visit before it ends.

Beyond the familiar faces you know and love, Pixar Fest introduces a host of rare and never-before-seen characters to the Disneyland Resort. These special guests are joining the lineup of regular Pixar pals, creating an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.


For a truly unique encounter, don’t miss the all-new Pixar Pals Playtime Party. This lively event is home to a variety of rare Pixar characters, including some you won’t find anywhere else in the parks. So, whether you’re a lifelong Pixar enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of animation, Pixar Fest promises an enchanting journey through the beloved stories and characters that have captured our hearts.


Characters Guests May See at Pixar Pals Playtime Party

For the first time at Disneyland Resort, guests may encounter Pixar characters Ember and Wade (“Elemental”), as well as Luca and Alberto (“Luca”) at the Pixar Pals Playtime Party at Fantasyland Theatre in Disneyland park.



Guests may also spot Ian and Barley (“Onward”) near their van Guinevere at this high-energy fun zone for the entire family.



Guests can find some of their other favorite Pixar characters, including Joy and Sadness (“Inside Out”); Russell (“Up”); Merida (“Brave”); and Woody, Jessie and Bo Peep (“Toy Story”).


Where to See Other Pixar Characters Throughout Disneyland Resort}

There are many more Pixar friends guests may see during Pixar Fest and beyond at Disneyland park, Disney California Adventure park and even at Pixar Place Hotel.

During the day at the Hollywood Backlot in Disney California Adventure park, guests may be able to see Mr. Incredible or Elastigirl (“The Incredibles”) appearing in their retro super suits for the first time.

Searching for adventure? At Grizzly Peak near Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, guests may also find Dug (“Up”) interacting with Wilderness Explorers of all ages.


In Grizzly Peak at Disney California Adventure park, guests may spot Meilin Lee and her mother Ming Lee (“Turning Red”), returning to Disneyland Resort for Pixar Fest. Mei is so excited to join the Pixar Fest fun that she has begun to turn into her red panda form!

Here are some other beloved characters from favorite Pixar stories that guests can find across Disneyland Resort:


Disney California Adventure

Mike (“Monsters, Inc.”) at Pixar Pier
Sulley (“Monsters, Inc.”) at Pixar Pier
Edna Mode (“The Incredibles”) at Pixar Pier
Frozone (“The Incredibles”) at Pixar Pier
Lightning McQueen (“Cars”) in Cars Land
Mater (“Cars”) in Cars Land


Miguel (“Coco”) in Frontierland

Pixar Place Hotel

Joe Gardner (“Soul”)


Bing Bong (“Inside Out”)


Guests can also spy some of their favorite Pixar friends grooving along in the new “Better Together: A Pixar Pals Celebration!” parade at Disney California Adventure park, including Meilin Lee (“Turning Red”), who appears fully transformed into her giant red panda form for the first time at Disneyland Resort. Plus, 4*TOWN, Meilin’s father and her friends make their first ever appearances at a Disney Park!


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