Ready Player One Easter Egg Hunt Sweepstakes Kicks Off

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“7 Easter Eggs waiting to be found!”

Ready Player One’s official Facebook page has launched a new contest, putting fans right into the middle of the action with an Easter Egg hunt that will run across the next few weeks leading up to the release of the film on digital and Blu-Ray.

The contest will feature a different clue each week through the film’s Facebook page and seven other undisclosed pages, each clue needing a special keyword to be deciphered in order to enter the hunt for the grand prize. The clues, similar to the film, will be specific to pop culture and 80s trivia. Once the clue has been received, users can visit the official contest site to input their keyword and await the next clue. You can find the first clue below!

The grand prize will feature a 4K TV, 25 selected films from the 80s and 90s on Blu-Ray, in addition to Ready Player One on 4K/Blu-Ray. Second place will receive a VR headset and a copy of the film on Blu-Ray. Third place will receive the film on Blu-Ray. Five winners will be selected for the third place prize.

Ready Player One releases on digital 7/3 and on 4K/Blu-Ray on 7/24.