Revenge: The Complete Third Season DVD Review

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A show that seems to have really taken audiences by storm over the last few years has been ABC’s mystery/thriller series, Revenge, a bit daytime soap opera rooted in Twin Peaks style intrigue. Now, ABC is bringing Revenge: The Complete Third Season to DVD, featuring all 22 episodes of the third season in one five disc set.

The synopsis for season 3 is as follows:

Get ready for a sizzling-hot summer in the Hamptons. Emily Thorne’s brilliant plan for vengeance takes a wicked turn in ABC’s REVENGE: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON. Relive the mystery, the fire and the intrigue of TV’s most delightfully devilish series. Emily pursues a new strategy to take down the Graysons once and for all — on her and Daniel’s wedding day — as turned allies, new enemies, and ghosts from the past threaten to expose her. With an ultimatum from Jack and her complicated history with Aiden resurfacing, Emily must take extreme measures to ensure her plan goes off without a hitch. But Victoria has new reasons to destroy the girl next door, and with her long-lost son by her side, everyone — including Nolan — may become collateral damage in Emily and Victoria’s vicious war. Experience the drama of all 22 smoldering episodes, complete with exclusive bonus features that reveal even more juicy secrets. Let the fireworks begin!

While I haven’t been an avid watcher of Revenge over the years, I’ve been a casual viewer, and I’ve always enjoyed what I’ve seen. The third season is no different, with a fun and thrilling story that never really seems to falter or have too much filler. It’s a tightly woven, and very well written series that keeps you on your toes, and especially on a binge watch, has been a lot of fun to experience. It’s so good that I’m actually considering going back and rewatching the entire series over the next few weeks, because it really caught my attention during my review watching. Thankfully, even without having seen every prior episode, the season was still a really fun watch, and one I look forward to watching again once I’ve caught up on the earlier seasons.

The five disc set comes with a few special features as well, some of which fans are sure to taking a liking to. Of course, it comes with a standard set of deleted scenes, as well as a blooper reel, which is pretty common on most DVD sets these days. But it’s really Roadmap to Revenge that fans will probably be most thrilled with, which is an almost fifteen minute look at the making of the series, and how far we’ve come. It covers a lot about the series origin, its ties to The Count of Monte Cristo, and more, and it’s a very fun little watch that gives fans some great insight to the series. Also interesting is the Home in the Hamptons featurette, which deals with what it takes to build the series locations, and make it feel real. The set may be light on big features, but those two will be enough to make fans happy, as well as a commentary, and the aforementioned deleted scenes and blooper reel.

Revenge: The Complete Third season is a fun and thrilling little set that one will really enjoy binge watching. While it’s not perfect, it’s a good way to spend time, and the mystery around everything is a lot of fun. The set is light on special features, but the show itself makes up for it. New comers will want to start with the earlier seasons, but for fans of the series, this set is a no brainer to pick up.

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