Review: Disney’s Donald Duck’s “D.I.Y. Duck” Animated Short

Donald Duck

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Disney fans, brace yourselves for a hilarious and heartwarming treat as Donald Duck returns in “D.I.Y. Duck,” the new hand-drawn animated short written and directed by the incoming Disney Legend, Mark Henn. Premiering on June 9 across Disney+, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ YouTube, Disney Channel, and Freeform, this short marks Donald’s first standalone starring role since the 1961 classic, “The Litter Bug.”

In “D.I.Y. Duck,” Donald Duck embarks on a simple home repair task that quickly escalates into a series of comedic catastrophes. What starts as an attempt to replace a light bulb spirals into chaos as Donald’s temper flares and frustration mounts. His ineptitude with tools leads to one disaster after another, culminating in an explosive and laugh-out-loud finale. The short perfectly captures Donald’s iconic blend of stubborn determination and short-tempered antics, making it an instant classic.

Check out a sneak peek of the new short:

The charm of “D.I.Y. Duck” lies in its exquisite hand-drawn animation, masterfully crafted by Mark Henn. Recently retired after a stellar 43-year career at Walt Disney Animation Studios, Henn has supervised the animation of beloved characters like Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Young Simba, Mulan, and Tiana. His expertise shines through in every frame of “D.I.Y. Duck,” blending the nostalgic feel of classic Disney animation with modern techniques. The result is a visually stunning short that will captivate both new and longtime fans.

Donald Duck

Mark Henn’s direction in “D.I.Y. Duck” is a fitting tribute to his illustrious career. Having previously directed the 2000 short “John Henry,” Henn brings his storytelling prowess and deep understanding of Disney’s legacy to Donald Duck’s latest adventure. This short not only showcases his remarkable talent but also cements his status as a Disney Legend, an honor he will officially receive in August at D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event.

A standout feature of “D.I.Y. Duck” is the inclusion of dialogue by Clarence “Ducky” Nash, the original voice of Donald Duck. Using archival voice recordings, Donald’s vocal gestures and iconic wise quacks are brought to life, adding a layer of authenticity and nostalgia. Nash, who first voiced Donald in the 1934 short “The Wise Little Hen,” continued to voice the character for 50 years, making his presence in “D.I.Y. Duck” a touching homage to his legacy.

Donald Duck

For Disney enthusiasts and animation lovers, “D.I.Y. Duck” is a must-watch. This short combines timeless humor, beautiful animation, and a touch of nostalgia. Donald Duck’s return to the spotlight, coupled with Mark Henn’s masterful direction and Clarence Nash’s iconic voice work, ensures that “D.I.Y. Duck” will be cherished by everyone for years to come.

“D.I.Y. Duck” is more than just a short film; it celebrates Donald Duck’s enduring charm. Be sure to catch its debut on June 9 on Disney+, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ YouTube, Disney Channel, and Freeform. Join Donald in his latest DIY disaster and experience the magic that only Disney can deliver.

Donald Duck

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