Review: Ditch your wallet with the Stowaway case from Incipio

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Ever had this problem? You’re getting ready to leave the house for work or a fun night out. In one jean pocket, you stash your ever expanding key ring, and in the other, you manage to slide in your bulky wallet full of cards, receipts, lose change and whatever else – only to realize that you now need to be related to MacGyver to somehow fit in that last remaining, and arguably most important, item – your phone. It’s a problem that those with wallets have faced for decades. Our wallets carry some of the most necessary and vital information, so it any wonder we’ve been slow to embrace a more convenient and tech savvy solution? So, you’re faced with a decision: Do you unload your wallet, or do you keep the gargantuan money holder in your jeans and stuff your phone in your back pocket, only to sit on it later? The struggle, folks, is real.

So, how does one navigate such a precarious issue? One option is to clean out your wallet and reduce it’s XL size-frame to something more manageable. The other? Solve the issue with contemporary approach – lose the wallet altogether – with the help of the Incipio Stowaway case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


The Stowawy case available now provides an efficient way to simplify your wallet game by including a custom space to store your cash, or up to 4 cards discreetly & securely in the case itself.  The outer case is constructed using Incipio’s proprietary blend of high grade impact resistant polycarbonate known as Plextonium™, while the inner case consists of the Flex2O™ polymer core. Together, these technologies give the case the durability and flexibility needed for day-to-day use.

The back cover (used to close the credit card holding space) also doubles as a kickstand for your phone, which is great for those times when your Netflix cravings are too much to resist. See photo.


Now, I’m a guy who’s used to carrying a wallet on a daily basis, so the notion of ditching it for an all-in-one case/wallet combo – while intriguing – was scary. I had to take my wallet and choose which four cards I would absolutely need and those I could live without. I had the usual worries: “What if I go somewhere and they don’t accept my AmEx?” or “What if I need my Costco card but it’s still at home?” I also came up with some more comical concerns, like: “What if there’s an accident and I don’t have my RedCross blood donor card. How will anyone know my blood type!?” and “What if I’m at Subway and I don’t have my rewards card – I would lose the points – oh, the horror!

What I’m trying to say, folks, is that it’s perfectly normal to have these types of concerns, but I took comfort in knowing that alongside the Stowaway case, I had Pay on my iPhone to back me up in a bind, and that most established business have already created apps that allow users to pay for goods digitally – (e.g. I can now pay for my sandwiches via the Subway app).

So, with all that said, I decided I would try to simplify my life. I started by removing everything from my current wallet and arranging it on my desk. From there, it was time to make some tough decisions regarding which cards would make the final cut and earn a spot in my new wallet case.

Starting out, I knew I would need my state ID card to do just about anything; and since I was planning on doing some traveling soon, ID was definitely in. Then, I asked myself where I would be spending most of my time each day, and as a student, the answer was simple: school; and since school necessitated a daily commute, the inclusion of my school ID was imperative- so it was in. Alright, two out of four cards selected and ready to go. Then t it came down to the last two. Here, my thinking focused on payments and money. As I said above, I knew that a number of my cards were compatible with Pay, but considering how NFC is still an emerging technology in the retail sector, I knew that I couldn’t ditch my physical payment cards quite yet. So, I looked at my debit and credit cards and chose my AMEX (my major credit card of choice), and finally, I selected a VISA card to cover purchases at any locations where my AMEX wasn’t accepted. Done and done.

So, if you’re still with me, here are my closing thoughts:

Over the past few weeks, I used the case as my daily driver and experienced the convenience of having my wallet miniaturized. I found it to be especially useful when making on-the-go purchases at school or while on the road. In combination with Pay, the Stowaway case made sure that I had all of the cards I needed while still keeping a very minimal form factor. Now, I never forget my “wallet” because I never forget my phone, and that alone was a great benefit.

Removing cards that I needed to swipe or tap was easy, but I would recommend that you keep the card(s) you use most often near the front, as reaching the cards towards the rear was a bit more difficult. I received many compliments from people who thought that having wallet in my case was such an ingenious idea. I couldn’t agree more.

The Incipio Stowaway case delivers on its promise and is truly an elegant and effective solution for managing and simplifying your wallet.