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The Acolyte

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The Acolyte series begins with an exchange of questions between a Jedi and a would-be assassin. A combative exchange, both spoken and driven by action, sets the tone for the rest of this exciting new Star Wars series. One of the first lines of dialogue in the first few minutes is a question about the antagonist’s force abilities, “who trained you?”. That question drives the mystery at the show’s center as it unfolds each episode. The Acolyte is set before any other live-action story in a faraway galaxy.

This uncharted period in galactic history, a first in television, commences with a compelling exchange between two characters, each representing a different side of the force. This marks the beginning of a fresh narrative for every character, set in a new era of stories within the vast Star Wars galaxy. The Acolyte can be best described as a murder mystery, a unique twist set against the backdrop of the Star Wars universe. The term’ space opera’ aptly captures the essence of this new chapter in the Star Wars saga.

The Acolyte

This show is undoubtedly about the Jedi and what they were like before we met them in the prequel trilogy. The emotional stakes and character exploration here focus on or surround the Jedi characters and their actions. The stakes are seemingly high for this character-driven TV show while also not being able to be so easily dismissed as cheesy storytelling as previous Star Wars projects have been largely described as.

To see the Jedi Temple and the Jedi Order itself in all its glory is just one way this show draws you in from the start. In addition to featuring some of the most compelling Jedi relationship dynamics ever seen in a Star Wars story, those explored are more familiar to Star Wars fans. The relationships explored throughout are mostly between a master and an apprentice. That relationship explored is familiar to the Skywalker saga and the story of the Jedi order across Star Wars storytelling, all while still feeling fresh.

The Jedi bonds as they appear in the show appear natural and with conflict that is not acted dramatically but tactically and marked by good direction thanks largely to a great series script. For the first time, satisfyingly, there is an exploration of the human experience that comes along with being a Jedi and makes the story and its characters more accessible to its viewers, something that live-action Star Wars shows surrounding some of our classic fan-favorite characters have had a hard time executing.

New characters in the large Star Wars universe, from the Mandalorian and his adopted son, Cassian Andor, and now the cast of characters of the Acolyte, will surely resonate with old and new fans due to the performances throughout.

The Acolyte

A component never fully explored in previous Star Wars projects was a focus on Jedi order at its height. The show goes much deeper and explores themes surrounding a Jedi’s commitment to the order while also other characters have elected to leave the Jedi order. The Acolyte Makes for a great Star Wars story in that it explores what George Lucas intended these stories to tell, that there is the simple choice between choosing to do the right thing or to make the good choice over the bad thing or the wrong choice.

We all have a choice to do what is keeping us on the light side or leading us to the dark side. Decisions are made that drive that most important choice in every Star Wars story: the choice of how to use the force. The force and all that it means in The Acolyte makes for some of the best Star Wars moral storytelling since the story of the Chosen One.

The groundwork is laid for the eventual fall of the Jedi in words reminiscent of hermit Luke Skywalker when he speaks of the hubris of the Jedi in a particular Star Wars film. There is an ill intended cover up attempt involved from the very first episode that is sure to become a norm for the Jedi for generations to come. That is when the Jedi order is likely to be brought into a political game, the Jedi tend to cover up their mistakes and short sightedness. A cover up is a great component of a murder mystery and adds to the one unfolding in the Acolyte.

The show’s murder mystery element is reminiscent of the storytelling from the golden age of television, where those were popular at the time. Usually said shows would center around a simple case of mistaken identity that would unfold in a series long drama to discover the truth. The Acolyte is interested in discovering that same familiar truth while keeping the viewer engaged with the finest looking Jedi order. There is even one scene which pays homage to the fugitive movie and the famous waterfall scene but instead of Tommy Lee Jones it is a Jedi master pursuing a fugitive on the run.

The world that makes up The Acolyte is familiar and is truly Star Wars but this show does not simply play it safe with familiar character design but introduces a world and range of characters reminiscent of the feeling when the phantom menace introduced us to the world’s explored throughout the prequels. The Galaxy feels as wide as the Clone Wars tv series did over the course of its seasons, and these whole new worlds keep the viewers engaged and feeling immersed into this Galaxy Far Far Away.

The Star Wars tropes of scene swipes in editing ,make for some of the best scene transitions in recent Star Wars storytelling. The familiar storytelling also supported by a return to what makes Star Wars so unique, is its aliens. A familiar Alien species appears early on in the first episodes and reminds you why you love the characters design in Star Wars.

The Acolyte is a Star Wars story that is trying to tell a whole new story in a whole new world all while feeling familiar to the Star Wars mythos. The series feels familiar to the world building any fan would know while also challenging your view of the force and just what stories can dare to be told in a Galaxy far far away.

The first two episodes of The Acolyte are now streaming on Disney+.

The Acolyte

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