Review: "The Beach Boys Christmas Show" at Segerstrom Hall

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No matter the generation, the iconic music of The Beach Boys have somehow been a part of our upbringing.  You’ve undoubtedly heard a Beach Boys song that has impacted your life somewhere, somehow.  The Beach Boys Christmas show was nothing less than spectacular, their one hour and forty minute set provided a soundtrack to some memorable moments in my life.

Most of those in the audience have followed the band from the beginning, from the start of the ’60’s to tonight by dancing, singing along, and grooving to their entire set!  It was quite the sight to see Mike Love (lead vocals) one of the original members of the band, along with Grammy Award Winner Bruce Johnston (songwriter, keyboard, vocals) who joined the band in ’65, play along side each other and bring forth the magic of the Beach Boys.

The set was staged with a screen draped behind the members playing clips and photos from the band along their journey, along with clips from their music videos, and the ever appropriate then and now surfing B-roll.  “California Girls”, “I Get Around”, “Surfer Girl”, “Help Me Rhonda”, Grammy nominated “Good Vibrations”, “Be True to Your School”, and “Barbara Ann”  were among some of the songs they played in the holiday show.  They left and came back for an encore, closing  with the iconic song “Surfin’ USA”.   They called the crowd to stand during some of the songs, getting people really into it, in one of the stand up songs, “Dance, Dance, Dance” got people up on their feet grooving to the music.

My favorite part of the concert was when they played “God Only Knows”, utilizing the screen to live play against an old recording of the late Carl Wilson, with Mike Love and Bruce Johnston providing live vocals as so on their original recording.  It was a touching moment for another iconic and widely played Beach Boys slow song.

Lastly, we cannot forget the season we are in! Christmas is here and the Beach Boys celebrated as such with a few snippets from their Christmas album, originally recorded in 1965. Snow poured onto the stage as Bruce Johnston opened up the holiday portion with “Little Saint Nick” which Mike Love jokingly stated would be on the opening playlist at the local malls come the morning.

Definitely a performance not to have missed.  The Beach Boys Christmas Show proved that the Beach Boys still have it!  A true American band straight from sunny Southern California!

The Beach Boys, made their much anticipated Center debut on Saturday December 7.