Scandal: The Complete Third Season DVD Review

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One of the most popular and enduring shows on ABC over the last few years has been Scandal, starring Kerry Washington. The show’s third season, set in Washington, D.C., follows the rather tumultuous and strained relationship with her father, played by renowned character actor Joe Morton, while also dealing with her trying to understand the mystery surrounding her mother. Now, fans can catch up on the entire third season of Scandal, as ABC Studios and Disney have released a new four disc set featuring all eighteen episodes of the show’s third season, in  one place.

The synopsis is as follows:

Forget everything you thought you knew about who to trust… and who to fear. The suspense ratchets up as secrets are revealed, loyalties are tested, and dark truths come to light in ABC’s “Scandal: The Complete Third Season.”

Now, the seemingly invincible “fixer” Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) must confront the ultimate challenge: fixing herself. After sifting through her mysterious father’s labyrinth of lies, Olivia’s search for answers about her mother threatens not just national security, but the entire world. Meanwhile, the lives of her “gladiators” — as well as those of the president, his wife and key White House staffers — take sinister, unexpected turns. And when the major power brokers are themselves broken, who will be left to clean up the mess?

Watch the intensity unfold in all 18 episodes of “Scandal”‘s riveting third season. Then, delve deeper behind the intrigue with exclusive, never-before-seen bonus features only available on DVD.

I’ve honestly only seen bits and pieces of this show over the last few years, so sitting down to watch it was rather interesting. It’s a very heavy, melodramatic, and well acted show, but jumping into the show’s third season was maybe a little too much for me. It was hard to keep up with everything that was going on at times, but it didn’t change the fact that when the show was firing on all cylinders, it was really, really working. The acting is incredible, and there’s a lot to really love about the show’s twist and turn nature, really pulling you into everything that’s happening and keeping you on your toes. Kerry Washington is an actress I’ve been a fan of for many years, and it’s great to see her in a show that is not only getting critical and commercial success, but one that is continuing to provide that for her. She’s fantastic as Olivia, and she really makes the show worth watching. Also of note is that Joe Morton, a man I’ve been a huge fan of since the days of Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Speed, while also starring in one of my favorite Sci-Fi channel tv shows, Eureka, which ended just a year ago, guest stars this season as Olivia’s overbearing, almost tyrannical father, Rowan Pope. Morton is so good, really tearing up the screen every time he is on screen, and the way he and Washington play off each other is rather fantastic. For me, his performance alone was worth watching this third season, and it’s great to know he won an Emmy for the role, he truly deserved it.

Scandal: The Complete Third Season comes to DVD with all its episodes in a nice widescreen transfer as the show is shown on TV. While the discs aren’t high definition, the picture still looks quite good, and it isn’t something that should be worried about. The set has quite a few new bonus features as well, many that fans will appreciate. First off, the set comes with the standard deleted scenes and a blooper reel as we come to expect from every ABC DVD set. But for fans, the biggest surprise will be the extended edition of the season finale, which I’m sure will make fans very excited. It’s added time is definitely nice, and the episode feels all the better for it. Finally, the disc is rounded out with two new featurettes is : The first, Creating LA for D.C. is a look at how the creators of the show turn Los Angeles into Washington, D.C. for the series. For me, this is the most interesting, because it’s always interesting seeing how they work around being in one place, just to turn it into something else, especially when you’re looking at turning someplace like Los Angeles, which is nothing like Washington, D.C., and finding a way to convert it. The second featurette, Jeff Perry Spotlight, spotlights Jeff Perry, who plays Cyrus in the series, and it’s a nice little retrospective of his career, talking about his time on this show, as well as hearing his cast mates talking about him. It’s a nice feature, and one that I’m sure fans will really eat up.

For fans of ScandalScandal: The Complete Third Season on DVD is a complete no brainer to pick up. For someone who wasn’t very familiar with the show, it was a lot of fun to sit down and watch, and really came across as an effective twist-and-turn thriller. Anchored by Kerry Washington, the show really is a lot of fun, but for those unfamiliar with the series, this is not the place to start. Otherwise, this is a great DVD and one that will make a nice addition to your TV on DVD collection.